NBA: Matt Barnes Says His Son Told Him Derek Fisher Was There & He Seemed Uncomfortable

There’s been a lot of talk surrounding the Matt Barnes, Gloria Govan and Derek Fisher love triangle.  Sources said Barnes found out about Govan and Fisher dating and drove 95 miles to Gloria’s house to confront Fisher.  Another source claimed Barnes texted him afterwards and said he beat up Fisher and spit in Govan’s face.  Now Barnes is speaking out himself, saying what triggered him to go over to the house.

(Videos) NBA: Gilbert Arenas Posts Hilarious Videos About Matt Barnes, Gloria Govan & Derek Fisher

Gilbert Arenas has a tendency to post hilarious and controversial videos and pictures on his Instagram account and then he deletes them, so catch these while you can.  This time he posted hilarious videos regarding the current Matt Barnes, Gloria Govan and Derek Fisher love triangle.  Arenas has drama of his own with Gloria Govan’s sister, Laura Govan, but I’ve covered that enough..

NBA: Matt Barnes Said He Kicked Derek Fisher’s A** & Spit in Gloria Govan’s Face

Yesterday a fire storm was created when news broke that Matt Barnes traveled to his estranged wife, Gloria Govan’s house to beat up Derek Fisher after finding out the two were dating.  Since then more information is slowly coming out about what happened, so here’s an update.

NBA: Matt Barnes Drove 95 Miles to Gloria Govan’s House to Beat Up Derek Fisher For Dating Her!

Wait what?  So New York Knicks coach Derek Fisher divorced his wife of 10 years, Candace back in March.  Since then he has reportedly been dating Gloria Govan, the estranged wife of Matt Barnes.  Well Barnes found out about it over the weekend while Fisher was at Govan’s house and drove 95 miles to LA to “beat the sh*t” out of Fisher according to sources.

NBA: Derek Fisher Says Knicks Can Win 63 Games Next Year

As a Knicks fan, I would like to believe in Derek Fisher. But when he is talking crazy like this it makes it a little harder. The Knicks have only won 15 games so far this season with just a few left. It is the worst season in the history of the franchise and while Fisher shouldn’t get a lot of blame for it, he does. Who knew back before the season started how quickly things would fall apart, or that Melo really wouldn’t be anywhere near 100% before shutting it down. It is cool to look forward to next season with a positive attitude, but to say a team this bad could win 48 more games next season is more than a stretch.

NBA: Derek Fisher Files For Divorce One Month After Celebrating 10 Year Anniversary

New York Knicks coach Derek Fisher files for divorce from his wife Candace just one month after they celebrated their 10 year anniversary.

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