(Video) Man Who Had Remedies To Cure AIDS, Cancer, And Diabetes Has Passed Away

Dr. Sebi reportedly had remedies that he knew for a fact could cure AIDS, Cancer, and even Diabetes. He has now passed away at the age of 82. Back in 1988, Sebi was sued for false advertisement and practicing medicine with no license after placing many ad’s in newspapers.

Yo! MTV Raps’ Doctor Dre Is Blind Because Of Diabetes; Pitching Reality Show

Alongside Ed Lover, DJ and personality Doctor Dre rose to fame in the 90s through radio programs and hosting on Yo! MTV Raps, but unlike Ed, Dre has faded into the background in recent years. Turns out, he’s been battling diabetes complications that caused him to lose his vision completely, but thankfully, he doesn’t plan on letting it hold him back!

Rob Kardashian Diagnosed With Diabetes?

After feeling under the weather over the weekend, Rob Kardashian was rushed to a Los Angeles hospital. During his visit, the 28-year-old found out that he was a diabetic. Hit the jump for more.

(Video) Teenage Bonnie & Clyde Out Run Police In Car Chase?!

A 15 year old teen is on the run with her 16 year old boyfriend and two other teens. Police are on the hunt for Brianna Gomez and her boyfriend, Spencer Lenville after a crime spree that started in Winconsin. The four teenagers stole a car and led police on a car chase in Colorado. Gomez suffers from diabetes and forgot her medication. This has been a grave concern for her grandparents, who are pleading for her return. To see news footage of this incident, click below.

NYC: Diabetes Is At An All-Time High!!!

What’s going on with New Yorkers health? Hit the jump for the full story!

To Beyonce: Don’t Go Forward With That $50MiL Pepsi Deal !!!

I am pretty sure that Beyonce has already signed the deal with PepsiCo, but there are some advocates who are so against it. The Center for Science in the Public Interest has reached out to Lady B in an effort to stop her from going through with being the face of Pepsi. The CSPI informs B on the consequences of drinking products such as Pepsi by stating, “Consumption of Pepsi and other sugary drinks is helping fuel an epidemic of obesity and obesity-related diseases that are debilitating in both children and adults.” The organization also expresses that Beyonce is a brand of “inspiring role models for millions of young people.” Would this be a BAD look for her? I think since the CSPI has created the awareness that there is the possibility. Drop down bottom for more of the facts on drinking Pepsi. JaaiR (JR)

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