(Video) Casualty Of A Dice Game

Casualty of a dice game. TSU college students gambled with their lives this week. See what went down after the jump.

(Video) One Man Explains How He Lost A Record Deal With The Notorious B.I.G Over A Dice Game

Hip-hop journalist, Bonz Malone missed out on the opportunity of a lifetime after losing a dice game to the Notorious B.I.G. In a recent interview, Malone recalled the time he almost signed Biggie while working as an A&R for Island Records. Hit the jump for more.

(Video) Classy: Lil Durk & His Boys Play A Dice Game In The Burberry Store

So boughetto, word to Murphy Lee and Ali. LOL! During a recent trip to luxury brand Burberry, Lil Durk and his crew took a moment to shoot some dice in the corner of the store because, you know, it obviously couldn’t wait until they were somewhere more appropriate. According to the Coke Boys rapper’s Instagram, he won $1500 from his boy during the game, so at least there’s a bright side here.

(Photos) Check Out Dice’s Make Over For Hype Hair!!!

Lala’s cousin Dice will appear in October’s issue of Hype Hair Magazine. You’ll see Dice’s makeover and see what she had to say about being on “Lala’s Full Court Life.” Check the pic out in the gallery and see what she said!

Woman That Slept With Over 200 Men By 28 Claims Women Want To Be Like Her!

Bianca Lake’s goal is to want to be a singer, she was seen on X Factor with the group Dice.  She did not anticipate her sex life being the envy of other women, or so she claims.  At the age of 28, she said she has slept with  over 200 men and she is definitely not a slut, in fact other women want to be like her! Hit the jump to read what Bianca says about this. Steph Bassanini

(Video) 20 To Watch BTS: @TroyAve In The Gambling Spot???

My G @TRoyAve invited me down to see how he does it, So I went to my Native homeland, Brookyln, and saw it 1st hand for my self, and the Homie Mos Def is in these streets!!! Hit the Jump. +TatWZA

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