Must Be Nice: Gwen Stefani Maintains Her Bangin’ Body & DOESN’T Have To Work Out

Keeping an amazing body without working out? Um, sign me up! The sexy Gwen Stefani revealed she no longer puts her body to the test like that, but it’s still keeping its good shape! How? Details via her new interview with Marie Claire UK below. Marisa Mendez

Healthy Weight-Loss Tips That WORK From The Laziest, Cheapest Person Ever

As I was sitting here bored with the usual posts and attempting to think of some more creative ideas, I realized I had some good info to share with you guys that I’ve learned first-hand…weightloss tips! Since December I’ve shed 33 lbs, and overall (I started 2 years ago but took a year off in between), it’s a total of 52 lbs off my 5’7″ frame. The best part of it all is, I’m one of the laziest people I ever met and have relatively no willpower…so if you think my tips won’t work for you, think again! If I could do it, I KNOW you can! After the jump, I’ll share what it is that I’VE done to get this far. I know not everything is for everyone, but take my tips and customize and tweak them to work for you and I promise you’ll be looking good in no time! Marisa Mendez

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