(Audio) Morgan Freeman Will Now Be Giving You Directions On Waze App

This is so cool! Starting Monday (February 22) the Waze navigation app will be offering drivers the option to receive their turn-by-turn directions in the voice of Morgan Freeman. The app has previous tapped the voices of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Stephen Colbert but I can’t imagine anything better than the rich voice of Morgan Freeman leading the way. The commands are actually awesome as Freeman say things like “The American people are counting on you to drive” and “It has been an honor to serve your through this mission.” Take a listen below.

(Photos) LAWD! Kim K Claims She Looks Disgusting.. When It’s Actually A Perfect Selfie! Oh Please!

I’m trying not to roll my eyes, but PLEASE KIM! Lol! I actually tolerate Kim a lot more than a lot of the media does, but some things that irk me just can’t be overlooked! Me, me, me! Queen of the selfie Kim Kardashian reveals how to do the perfect self-portrait on your camera-phone. She really has Now, Kim Kardashian has finally opened up about how to take the perfect self-portrait. ‘Rule number one, you always have to have it a little higher,’ Kim informs on a video by Extra, she even gets distracted by her own reflection. Then she adds, ‘But no duck face’ as she’s pouting her plump lips together. ‘I love doing that, because it gives you cheekbones. But people get so mad.’ …What a pro, lmao. Never thought I’d read selife directions. See for yourself below!

(Photos) Nicki Minaj Likes To WHAT?!?

Nicki Minaj is an eccentric barbie doll, but that doesn’t mean she is a complete diva! She took it Twitter to tell her followers that she loves to bake! Yes, the barb herself loves to throw it down in the kitchen and whip up some brownies LOL, she probably inspired a few of her followers to whip something up today too . Hit the jump for her hilarious directions on how to make her famous brownies. Steph B

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