(Photo) Meek Mill’s Instagram Page Mysteriously Disappears

Hours before he was posting multiple snippets from #DC4 and than suddenly his page was no longer found.

NFL: WHAT?! Colorado Man Mysteriously Disappears At Denver Broncos Game

Family and friends have been searching high and low for 53-year old Paul Kitterman after he mysteriously vanished at last Thursday’s San Diego Chargers – Denver Broncos game. He was last seen in his seat at halftime. Despite attending the game with son and other family members, the Kremmling, Colo., resident is “absolutely nowhere to be found!” Hit the jump for more on this shocking story…

Sports: Smh, Jose Canseco’s Twitter Account Returns After Brief Disappearance Due To Aliens?

Posted by Sabrina B. @gametimegirl Fans of the crazy people who have Twitter accounts were left in disbelief and a state of mourning Tuesday when it became apparent that the high comedy that is Jose Canseco’s Twitter feed mysteriously no longer existed. But worry not, folks. After approximately three hours off the grid, Canseco’s account was back up and running…offering cyber hugs and producing nonsense in no time. Upon his triumphant return, he greeted us with tweets that only the mind of Canseco can come up with:

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