(Mugshot) Sports: Deion Sanders’ Ex-Wife Pilar Sentenced To Jail


Pilar Sanders, the ex-wife of former Dallas Cowboys’ star, Deion Sanders, has been court ordered to serve time in jail. The sentence revolves around Pilar failing to withhold her terms on the divorce regarding the children. This comes just after she took to social media claiming Deion Sander abused their kids, potentially jeopardizing his entire legacy SMH…Read more on this divorce case gone wild, including an actual detailed court report of what went down!

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(Photos) Wiz Khalifa & Deelishis Spotted Together, Again, In Miami


Wiz Khalifa & Deelishis Spotted Together, As Wiz Khalifa continues his cycle of what seems to be a new woman every couple of weeks, his latest romance may just be Deelishis! The two were spotted out once again, in Miami enjoying each others company.

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Co-Parenting Chronicles: Nick Cannon & Mariah Carey Spend First Holiday Together Since Divorce

IFWT_Nick & Mimi

The most difficult part about marriage is when things go sour, couples get divorced but the holidays come and two must act civil for the sake of the children. Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey spent their first holiday together since their nasty break-up back in August. Mariah flicked it up on Thanksgiving with their three-year-old twins and made it seem like Nick was nowhere to be found.

However, it turns out not only was Nick there but they were all spending the holiday at HIS Los Angeles mansion together like a happy little family. However according to sources, Mariah and the kids left immediately after the dinner festivities were over and slept at a nearby hotel for the remainder of the evening. At least the two big-time celebs made an effort to have everyone under one roof and can practice their co-parenting skills when it matters the most– FOR THE KIDS! Check out Mariah’s fake solo pic in the gallery fronting like her ex-hubby wasn’t right there (or taking the picture at that!) Mind you she has the biggest smile on her face as she posed in her drop-dead gorgeous red gown. Do you think the two will ever rekindle their marriage? Drop your thoughts below.

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(Photos) NBA: Stephen Jackson – “I’ll Spend It All, Before My Wife Gets It”


Ex-NBA star, Stephen Jackson still finds himself in bad blood with wife, Renata White Jackson. Renata claimed after she filed for divorce from Jackson in 2013, both parties were told to NOT get rid of any major assets until the court could properly intervene. Well, Stephen Jackson followed his own rules, as he sold Renata’s Bentley without her permission…sheeesh, hit the jump for more juice on this story!

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Robin Thicke’s New Lady A 19-Year-Old Model?


Surely after putting his best Keith Sweat impressions to use, someone was bound to fall for Robin Thicke’s soulful attempt at getting back with wife, Paula Patten. Who’s the lucky lady you ask? Some would call her the attention seeking lady, but I’m not going to say no names. It rhymes with Tea Ain’t Free.

Hit the jump for the details.

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Sports: Divorce Off?! Lamar Odom & Khloe Kardashian’s Divorce Heading For Dismissal


Khloe filed for divorce from her estranged husband last December, and since no action’s been taken on the divorce in some time, the judge is seeking to dismiss the case. Hit the jump for details.

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Ginuwine Reveals Details Into “Separation” From Sole!!!


Ginuwine and wife Sole have been together for many years, so it’s sad to see the couple enduring relationship problems that may result in a divorce.

Last week, rumors of the couples separation circulated – allegedly started by Ginuwine’s attorney, Bruce Beckner. Now, the TGT artist is clearing the air with the alleged divorce as well as bankruptcy rumors.

Check it out down bottom.

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(Photos) WELP, Looks Like Timbaland Talked Himself Out Of Divorce!

Timbaland & Monique Mosley

Producer extraordinaire Timbaland and wife Monique Mosley were headed down the divorce road just a year ago in October of 2013. Not only did she want to file, but it seemed like she was trying to take his whole soul and bank account, too. However, Timbaland has recently been posting lovey dovey quotes and pics of his baby moms all over his Instagram account.

Seems like he managed to sweet talk his lady to stay because just a week ago, court documents show that the divorce has been dismissed. When things were rocky and the divorce was in play, Monique was trying to get money for vacations, life insurance, child support, private school for the kids, and even “rehabilitative alimony.” WELP, looks like that changed fast. Head over to the gallery to see some of Timbaland’s sweet posts!

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Kris Jenner To Bruce: “You Can Have My Best Friend, Just Give Me The Mansion!”

Kris Jenner And Bruce Jenner File For Divorce

Kris and Bruce Jenner have finalized their divorce after countless years of rumors, and things are starting to get a tad bit messy. Bruce Jenner is apparently dating Kris’ long-time BFF which is making things super awkward for Kris. However, Bruce recently signed papers giving their mansion in Hidden Hills alllll to the MOMager, Ms. Jenner. They purchased the 6-bedroom, 8-bathroom home back in 2010 for 4 million dollars and it has apparently went way up in value. I’ll take that ANY day over a fake best friend who bagged my ex man right after the break-up! Girl, BYE!

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(Video) Amber Rose Gets Candid About Divorce


This saddens me. I really liked Amber and Wiz together…. Amber Rose talked to Hip Hop Hollywood about her divorce to the rapper. Video after the jump…

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