Halle Berry Speaks Out For The First Time After Filing For Divorce

Halle Berry x Olivier Martinez

Halle Berry is currently going through divorce number three with current husband, Olivier Martinez. Since the news broke, the acclaimed actress has been slandered by her first ex-husband David Justice – with a co-sign from her second ex-husband, Eric Benet – who said Halle’s team always paints her exes as villains, and basically insinuated that a lot of the splits are her fault. She’s remained silent through it all, though, leaving many to wonder how she’s truly feeling, but finally, she’s spoken out on the matter.

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(Photos) Halle Berry’s Ex Airs Her Out On Twitter; Claims She Tried To Ruin All Of Her Exes, He Later Backtracks & Thanks Her

Halle Berry

After announcing her split from husband of two years, Olivier Martinez, Halle Berry’s ex-beaus have joined forces to expose her harsh breakup antics. The main culprit, former MLB player David Justice, made it his top priority to alert the public and warn Martinez about the storm that is yet to come. In tweets that were later deleted, he claimed that Berry and her team did everything in their power to damage his character.

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NBA: Khloe Kardashian Says She’s Not Getting Back Together With Lamar Odom


Khloe Kardashian has remained by Lamar Odom’s side since he arrived at the hospital after a drug overdose.  There were reports that the two called off their divorce and were going to work on their marriage.  While they have indeed put a halt to the divorce proceedings, Khloe says she is not getting back together with Lamar. 

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Halle Berry Files For Divorce From Olivier Martinez

Halle Berry & Oliver Martinez

It’s for real this time! Halle Berry has filed for divorce from her husband of two years Olivier Martinez. The reports come not too long after Halle was spotted not wearing her wedding ring. She claimed the ring was just lost, but now it seems like this divorce was a long time coming.

According to TMZ reports a recent altercation Olivier Martinez had last week at LAX where he hit a man with a car seat sealed the deal for Berry. The couple’s argument about the incident and their “personality difference” was a total deal breaker. Sources claim that Halle filed papers first because, “They’re just very, very different people. He’s a very macho guy, and things just didn’t jive.”

Click down below for the couple’s joint statement.

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That Was Fast: Lark Voorhies Files For Divorce From Facebook Love


Tsk Tsk. While I do not have the actual data on the longevity of relationships that began via social media, I can guess-ta-mate that 99.99% of them fail within the first year. Ol’ Saved By The Bell actress, Lark Voorhies proves me right with the news that she and husband, Jimmy Green, are now on their way to divorce court.

Find out more after the jump.

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NBA: Lamar Odom & Khloe Kardashian Call Off Divorce & Decide to Give Marriage Another Chance


Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom have decided to dismiss their divorce case and give their marriage a second chance.

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Stevie Wonder Is No Longer A Married Man; Divorce FINAL!


Stevie Wonder is no longer a married man. After 14 years of marriage, six of which they were separated, Wonder and (ex) wife Kai Millard Morris have made their agreements and have decided to move on.

Drop down for more.

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(Video) Mother Gets Advice From 6 Year Old That We Can All Learn From


If this isn’t the cutest video in the world I don’t know what is. Kid’s say the strangest things but sometimes if we sit back and listen, the pure heart knows way more then our adult jaded minds. Check out how smart and caring this 6 year old girl is when she starts to realize her parents have been fighting way too much. Her advice is enough to change the world.

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NBA: Even Though She Is A Billionaire, Shelly Sterling Still Wants Alimony From Donald Sterling


This sounds about right. Rich people thinking they deserve to be more rich for not doing much at all. Shelly & Donald Sterling have been in the media ever since his infamous racist rant that was recorded by his low life side chick. The couple are in the midst of a divorce now and even though they received $2 billion dollars from the sale of the Clippers, Shelly still wants Donald to fork over alimony payments.

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Master P’s Ex-Wife Says She Is About To Be Homeless, Phone-less & Carless!

Master P and Sonya

Sonya Miller might have won custody of her children, but she claims she is about to be homeless out on the street.

She has seven children with ex-husband Master P but unfortunately, the two divorced recently. According to Sonya, P won’t give up until she is completely broke without a home. She has been at court begging and pleading to receive some type of compensation from his $178 million fortune.

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