Stevie Wonder Is No Longer A Married Man; Divorce FINAL!


Stevie Wonder is no longer a married man. After 14 years of marriage, six of which they were separated, Wonder and (ex) wife Kai Millard Morris have made their agreements and have decided to move on.

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(Video) Mother Gets Advice From 6 Year Old That We Can All Learn From


If this isn’t the cutest video in the world I don’t know what is. Kid’s say the strangest things but sometimes if we sit back and listen, the pure heart knows way more then our adult jaded minds. Check out how smart and caring this 6 year old girl is when she starts to realize her parents have been fighting way too much. Her advice is enough to change the world.

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NBA: Even Though She Is A Billionaire, Shelly Sterling Still Wants Alimony From Donald Sterling


This sounds about right. Rich people thinking they deserve to be more rich for not doing much at all. Shelly & Donald Sterling have been in the media ever since his infamous racist rant that was recorded by his low life side chick. The couple are in the midst of a divorce now and even though they received $2 billion dollars from the sale of the Clippers, Shelly still wants Donald to fork over alimony payments.

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Master P’s Ex-Wife Says She Is About To Be Homeless, Phone-less & Carless!

Master P and Sonya

Sonya Miller might have won custody of her children, but she claims she is about to be homeless out on the street.

She has seven children with ex-husband Master P but unfortunately, the two divorced recently. According to Sonya, P won’t give up until she is completely broke without a home. She has been at court begging and pleading to receive some type of compensation from his $178 million fortune.

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(Photo) Say What?! Terrence Howard And The THIRD Mrs. Still In Marital Bliss?


Sometimes you have to show them better than you can tell them. Terrence Howard is doing just that. During his recent court stops for alimony from the previous Mrs., it was revealed that Howard was divorced from the third (current) Mrs. However, according to the Empire actor, that’s a big fat NO.

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Judge Rules In Favor Of Terrence Howard: Ex-Wife Gets NONE Of That “Empire” Money

Terrence Howard

After thousands of divorces, hundreds of thousands of dollars in alimony checks and plenty more of court appearances, Terrence Howard gets some good news from a judge. On Monday, Superior Court Judge Thomas Trent Lewis ruled that wife number two, Michelle Ghent, will not get her hands on Howard’s Empire finances. She tried it.

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Another One Bites The Dust: Terrence Howard’s Wife Divorces Him!

Terrence Howard

Looks like even the third time wasn’t the charm for actor Terrence Howard because he is headed for yet ANOTHER divorce!

His wife Mira Pak filed for divorce from Howard on July 27th after they’ve been married since October of 2013. However sources close to the couple revealed that they’ve been separated technically from one another since August of 2014. Paperwork stated that Pak asked for a divorce back in March of last year when she was pregnant with the couple’s first child. She cited “irreconcilable differences” in her petition.

Pak was Howard’s third wife. Sometimes one must sit back and say, “wait a second – maybe it’s ME and not them.” SMH!

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Boxing: Shane Mosley Has Proof His Ex-Wife Was Married to Someone Else & Wants Money From Divorce Back


“Sugar” Shane Mosley firmly believes his ex-wife was married to another man at the same time as him because he has papers nailing down the date she divorced the guy.

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(Video) Mariah Carey & Her Team Meet To Figure Out How To Get Nick Cannon Moving On The Divorce

Nick Cannon & Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey wants to get on the good foot with this divorce from Nick Cannon, because her new billionaire bae is waiting and time is money! To move things along, Mimi met with her divorce lawyers following the ceremony for her new star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, and they were reportedly “looking for pressure points to make Nick seal the deal on the divorce.”

According to reports, the ladies feel that Nick is dragging his feet, and they’re pretty confident it’s because of the money. There’s an “urgency” to get Nick so sign off soon, though, because it’s becoming an issue for Mariah’s new man and she wants to make sure things move forward smoothly. Check out video of Mariah’s meeting below. You think Nick is going to make this kind of difficult on purpose or nah?

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NBA: Donald Sterling Finally Filing For Divorce From Shelly, Says $1Billion is Missing


Former Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling filed for divorce from his wife of nearly 60 years Wednesday as he continues to battle her over ownership of the team.

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