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(Photos) Mariah Carey Spotted Out For The First Time Since Divorce News Went Public

IFWT_MariahCarey 5

Rumors have been floating around for months now that Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon’s relationship was on the edge. However, just a few days ago, their divorce was dubbed as “a done deal.” For the first time since the news went public, Mariah was spotted out in NYC along side her nephew. Luckily, the legendary singer seemed to be in good spirits as she strolled the streets in a purple maxi dress with a smile on her face. Let’s hope this ordeal can remain as peaceful as possible! Check out the pics in the gallery.

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Say What!? Nick Cannon Says Mariah Carey Didn’t Leave Him, He Left Her!!


Nick Cannon maybe banned from speaking out on his and Mariah Carey’s failed relationship, but the people who know them aren’t!
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Mariah Carey BANNED Nick Cannon From Speaking A Word About Divorce?!

Nick Cannon & Mariah Carey

News broke that long-time couple Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon have not only been living in separate homes for a few months, but their lawyers have finalized everything for the divorce to be a “done deal” as they dubbed it. New info has surfaced that apparently Mariah has SHUNNED Nick from speaking about anything divorce related. According to sources close to the couple, they have a confidentiality agreement that cannot be broken. In fact, if he opens his mouth about any little thing, he’ll be fined a large amount of money. The only thing he’s allowed to say is that they’re “living separately” which we already knew.

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(Video) Mama Tina Don’t Play! Check Out What Beyonce’s Mom Says About Jay Z Divorce Rumors!

Tina Knowles on TMZ

As rumors swirl that the marriage between her daughter and son-in-law is on the rocks, Mama Knowles set the record straight in a rare chat with paparazzi cameras.

While leaving lunch with Kelly Rowland in Beverly Hills yesterday, Tina told TMZ that “everything’s perfect” between Beyonce and Jay Z, and that their relationship is “very good.”

“Haters gon’ be haters,” she said when asked about people like Akon, who said he feels their marriage is corporate. “There’s nothing we can do about that.” Well alright, then!

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Officially Dunzo: Mariah Carey & Nick Cannon’s Divorce Is A ‘Done Deal’

Nick Cannon & Mariah Carey

Rumors have been surfacing for months now that Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon’s relationship is on the rocks. According to sources, the two have been separated since May but now the divorce lawyers on both sides have claimed that the divorce process is “a done deal.” Apparently after Nick made an appearance on Big Boy’s radio show and played the “5 celebs you’ve slept with” game and mentioned Kim Kardashian, Mariah was “mortified” and “embarrassed” (didn’t we ALL know that already, though?) The two have been living in two different homes in NYC and the only contact they have is when Nick comes to see their twins. How sad, I loved those two as a couple. SMH!

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NBA: Basketball Wife Malaysia Pargo Gets PAID in Divorce Settlement From Jannero Pargo


“Basketball Wives LA” star Malaysia Pargo filed for divorce from Charlotte Hornets guard Jannero back in May after failed attempts to work things out.  Well I hope Jannero’s finances are in order because this divorce is going to cost him big time.

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NBA: Khloe Dating French Montana Wasn’t Enough?! Lamar Odom’s FINALLY Fed Up With Khloe After This…

ifwt_lo khlo french

Well damn, welcome to reality LO. I really like Lamar Odom, but he really should have let this go a long time ago — but at least he’s FINALLY realizing he needs to cuts ties and move on from his marriage to Khloe Kardashian. Hopefully he will now sign those divorce papers.
It shouldn’t take a woman filing for divorce and then dating other people (among other things) for a man to realize when it’s time to keep it moving. SMH.  So what happened that finally made Lamar wake up? Check it out…

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Usher: ‘My Marriage Was My ‘Best Mistake’


Usher explains why doesn’t regret his two year marriage to ex-wife, Tameka Foster in the September issue of O Magazine.

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(Photo) Huh?! Jay-Z and Beyonce Hiding In A Celebrity Friend’s L.A. Mansion?!

Jay Z and Beyonce

Someone! Please stop the buzzing in their ears! Jay-Z and Beyonce has been hearing all y’all talk! Divorce rumours and putting words in their mouth at concerts! Flashing lights and media reporting lies, who wouldn’t be tired. The US part of their “On The Run” Tour is over and next top is France. In the meantime, Bonnie and Clyde seemed to have taken shelter in a friends luxury home.
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New Jersey Man Stabbed His Wife 86 Times For Being Too Messy


A jury convicted a New Jersey man of murder in the killing of his ex-wife. Her offense? A messy housekeeper apparently. Prosecutors say he used a 8 inch knife, to brutally slay her. He faces life in prison and is set for sentencing on September 12.

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