(Video) NBA: Shaq Forgets He is DJ’ing On Live Television & Lets Some Inappropriate Words Air


Last night Shaq was showing off his DJ skills as he jumped on the 1’s & 2’s during the live broadcast from New York City of “The NBA on TNT”. Shaq knows what to do but he must have got too into the moment because he totally ignored the fact he was playing the uncensored version of “Tom Ford” by Jay Z. Now the words that slipped threw were mainly the “N-word” a bunch of times and the word “ass”, which may not offend or bother most people, but when we are talking live television and corporate dollars, best believe someone behind the scenes was not too happy! The show cut to black briefly when someone caught on, but the show was basically ending anyway. Hopefully TNT isn’t too mad at Shaq because he had the crowd rocking.

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(Video) DJ Khaled Shows Off His Skills On The Turntables!


We The Best’s own DJ Khaled is not only a Hip-Hop mogul genius, but he is one of the most talented DJs in the game. Check out this super dope video compilation of Khaled showcasing his skills on the 1’s and 2’s below! He’s ripppppppping it!

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Real Life: Wedding Disc-Jockey Tells Guests To Wait For A Song Request & Gets Killed For It


Listen (or look), if you thought that New York or Chicago was deep, things just got real in India. I understand that music is the language of all, but three individuals have taken their love of tunes to another level.

Details down bottom.

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(Video) So Dope! Rick Ross Gives Atlanta Kids A Ride In His Roaring Whip!


Like a bawse should … Rick Ross visited the city of Atlanta to celebrate the release of, Hood Billionaire as well as to extend a hand to the local DJs with an appreciation dinner. Amidst the festivities, Ross heard of two young boys who were checkin gout his Ferrari game. What did he do about the kids ogling? Something that a bawse does…

Check it out.

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(Photos) Kanye West Having So Much Fun As He DJs For Paris Fashion Week


Kanye West has been all over the place to make appearances during Paris Fashion Week.

The “Bound 2″ rapper attended the “15 Ans Déjà” Disco Party” hosted by designer Pierre Hardy and Laure Hériard Dubreuil in celebration of Hardy’s 15th Anniversary.

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Get The Dj Funk Flex App Here…..All The Hip Hop You NEED!!!!

FMFIcon copy

This IS Absolutely the BEST Way to Hear CDQ of The #FunkFlexMixtape!!! We Really really want to know what you guys think!!! Hit the Gallery, see some screen shots of how the App looks and some of the things you can do(Besides get the Mixtape), and After the Jump for the links to the perspective App stores!!!

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(Videos) Boxing: Oh Boy! Floyd Mayweather’s Assistant & DJ React To Shantel Jackson’s Lawsuit!


Yesterday Floyd Mayweather’s ex, Shantel Jackson, filed a lawsuit against the champ. We haven’t heard from Floyd himself yet on the crazy allegations (Manny Pacquiao & Erica Mena did have something to say though), but now we are seeing reactions from two people close to Floyd — his DJ and assistant.
Check it out…

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Kanye Parts Ways With His Longtime Friend & DJ?


It appears that Kanye West has gotten rid of DJ and collaborator DJ Million Dollar Mano who is also his long time friend. DJ Mano took to his Twitter account to announce his departure from Kanye right before they were expected to set out for Jay Z’s Made In America Festival in Philadelphia. There is currently no official explanation and no details as to who will take his spot. Rumors are circulating that Mano may have been let go due to an abundance of mistakes made during live shows….

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NBA: Shaq Gets A New Gig — What Do You Think?!

IFWT_DJ shaq

Shaq’s done a lot throughout his career and now it looks like he’s adding a new gig to his resume.  He’s going to be a nightclub DJ.  Uhhhh, yea.  I love you Shaq, but maybe we should leave that to the professionals?!  While I have doubts about Shaq’s DJ skills, I’d love to see how he does.  Hit the jump for details…

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(Video) DJ Jazzy Jeff And Travis Barker Have A Jam Session On ‘Vinyl Destination’


Give The Drummer Some: DJ Jazzy Jeff has taken the latest episode of ‘Vinyl Destination’ to the California studio of the notorious rocker-drummer Travis Barker! Watch as the two, hit the studio and create some heat in their jam session, below.

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