Funk Flex Presents #5MinutesOfFunk005 with Dj Rob Swift From The X-Ecutioners

#5MinutesOfFunk005 The fifth installment of the DJ spotlight series is a treat for the Turntablist… None other than Rob Swift from the X-Ecutioners!!

(Video) Darryl McDaniels Of Run-DMC Changes His Name To THIS!!

Okay, so DMC isn’t necessarily changing his name, he’s giving it a new meaning. People always asked DMC “What does it mean?” Now, in addition to never Dirty, Mostly Clean, he’s adding ‘Darryl Makes Comics.’ Hip-hop pioneer/Queens representative Darryl McDaniels is tipping his hat to the comic book world by launching “DMC” a new company that will bridge the gap between the worlds of hip-hop and the fantastic adventures he got wrapped up in as a youth. Hit the jump for the full scoop.

(Video) Which Rapper Is Releasing A Hip-Hop Comic Book?

A few months back, Nicki Minaj had dropped the news that she would be releasing a comic book – she’s not the only one within the hip-hop realm to be gearing up for such a transition. Run DMC’s own, Darryl “DMC” McDaniels has decided to begin his own independent publishing company for an indie, hip-hop comic book titled, DMC. The legendary MC plans to self-fund the project, however he’s still asking for help in raising $100,000 for the creation of what will be a, “graphic” 48-page book. Who’s he requesting these funds from – THE FANS! Yes, your “reward is this actual historic book,” says art director Edgardo Miranda-Rodriguez, who’ll be assisting in this process. Curious to know – how many hip-hop heads are also interested in comics/superheros? Hit the jump for more details of the comics’ storyline.

Game Release Reminder: Devil May Cry

Tomorrow Capcom drops its next in series for Devil May Cry. If your looking to pick up the game tomorrow after the break check out the console comparison for DMC. Yungjohnnybravo x TatWZA

DMC: Combat Game Trailer

Tomorrow Capcom drops its highly aniicaped DMC game, before the game drops we get one more trailer. This time we get the combat trailer. Trailer after the break. Yungjohnnybravo x TatWZA

Devil May Cry Trailer

With DMC dropping in less than 2 weeks, Capcom drops another DMC trailer. This shows Dante taking on some hellish demons: Trailer after the break. Yungjohnynbravo x TatWZA

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