Irv Gotti Talks With Flex About Rocafella Start, Rise Of DMX, & The reign Of Murder Inc #WeGotaStoryToTell007

The other night Irv Gotti dropped by to do some talk about his new show on BET, that I’m not gonna front it def does look… let’s just say this summer seems to be fully lit for TV content! BUT, they got into much more than that….

DMX Reportedly Abandons His Pitbull At Rhode Island Animal Boarding Facility

According to the Four Paws Pet Resort in Warwick, Rhode Island, DMX abandoned one of his pet pits there in August of last year, and hasn’t paid his bill since October. The dog’s name is aptly named X, if you cared to know.

#MusicStillMatters New Music: DMX Ft. Swizz Beatz – Bain Iz Back

Every now and then DMX decides to come out of his hiatus and give his fans some new music to digest. The Yonkers native did just that today, releasing “Bain Iz Back”, which rightfully so, features Swizz Beatz. Check it out on the Funk Flex app!

(Video) DMX Opens Up About How Almost Dying Gave Him A New Appreciation For Life

This was almost hard to watch as X chokes up on his words telling the story that almost took his life.

(Video) DMX: “I Ain’t Never S**ked A D**k In My Life!”

DMX would like you to know…he’s never had another male’s genitalia in his mouth in his life. Thank you, Earl. We didn’t know this was an issue that needed clearing up, but here it is regardless! While on stage over the weekend, X opted to give this PSA. Watch the video below.

(Video) DMX Tells Kanye “Stay Strong” In Heartfelt Video

Kanye’s mental state has not only his family shook, but hip-hop and the music industry alike. DMX makes his first Instagram/Snapchat video especially for Kanye with a special message.

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