(Video) Kevin Hart Beats Battle Rapper On Wildin Out


Kevin Hart beats battle rapper and viral star D C Young fly on a episode of Wildin Out that aired this week. The skits on the show are set to let the two teams have a comical argument back and forth roasting each other. Check out the video clip and see how Hitman’s Bars were no match for Kevin Hart as you can see he was too quick with the come backs.

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Battle Rappers A Threat To Artist Says 50 Cent


Are Battle rappers a threat to artist? Well 50 cent says that these new rappers and artist would be in for it if a battle rapper got on a track. Lately if you pay attention to the shots 50 has taken at everyone , in my prior post, you notice when he discredits someone he is merely just saying they can’t keep up with the times. In the very same interview he said how he felt about battle rappers and he had something nice to say … for once.

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Wow! New Toothbrush Checks Your DNA For Signs Of Cancer & Alzheimer’s!

_Toothbrush Checks For Signs Of Cancer & Alzheimer's

There is a new toothbrush that checks your DNA for signs of cancer and Alzheimer’s. Read more on the story after the jump!

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Baby Girl Is Found Dead The Same Day Parents Were Going On ‘Maury’ For Paternity Test!

_Baby Girl Is Found Dead The Same Day Parents Were Going On 'Maury' For Paternity Test

A baby girl is found dead on the same day that her parents from Ohio were planning to go on ‘Maury’ for a DNA paternity test. Read more on the story below!

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NCAA: Jameis Winston’s DNA Found In Alleged Rape Victim’s Underwear

IFWT Jameis Winston

The woman who accused Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston of rape finally released a statement.  In the statement she alleges that Winston not only raped her but the police wouldn’t move forward with the case including interviewing a witness and taking a DNA sample.  Well the latter was finally done and the results didn’t bode well for Winston.

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(Video) Swizz Beats Gets ASAP Rocky To Help With Monster New Commercial!!


Swizzy owning a stake in the Monster company is starting to help them! He enlists the help of Harlem’s own ASAP Rocky to be in their commercial of their new ‘Black Tuxedo’ headphones.

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Verizon Cloud Is Now Availble For THIS OS!!

Verizon Cloud

Verizon has announced that Verizon Cloud is now available for iOS devices. Also some Android devices, including the Samsung Galaxy S4 and the DROID DNA by HTC can use the cloud storage app as well.

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Battle Rap: Arsonal Vs DNA


Check out the Don’t Flop battle between Arsonal and DNA. Click below to check out the battle.

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Battle Rap: K-Shine Vs. DNA


Check out the URL battle between K-shine and DNA. Click below to see the battle

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Grand Jury Voted To Indict JonBenet Ramsey’s Parents, But The Prosecutor Never Signed Off !!!


Here it is, 13-years later there has been no arrest nor conviction in the case of JonBenet Ramsey. Mind you that there was DNA at the crime scene. Police tested over 150 people that were connected with the case, however there was no match.
Well, turns out that back in 1999 the grand jury voted to indict the Ramsey’s, but Boulder District Attorney Alex Hunter didn’t believe that his office had enough evidence on the couple to prosecute. This case is a BIG one! I feel like it may take them another 13 years to bust this case wide open. Drop down bottom for more.

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