Doctors Say Zika Has An Affect Woman’s Brain And Memory

Italian researches are now saying that they have proof that Zika can affect the brain of many adults. They believe that it may even damage the memory of adults.

NBA: Report, Lamar Odom’s Heart Is Responding, Doctors More Hopeful Condition Will Improve

Hopefully Lamar Odom can feel all the people praying for him because doctors just said his heart seems to be improving, which is the first positive news we have heard. Doctors say his heart is functioning much better and they are more hopeful now than ever before.

President Obama Praises South Korea For Paying Teachers As Much As Doctors

As U.S. President Obama was speaking at a High School in Oklahoma as he launched a new program aimed at giving low-income households broadband internet, he praised South Korea’s policy of paying its teachers as much as doctors.

(Video) NBA: Wizards Coach Randy Wittman Goes Off On The Media For “Lies” About John Wall’s Injury

The Wizards and their fans are already on edge as they wait to see if John Wall’s season is over or not after five separate fractions were discovered in his hand. Currently doctors say his hand is too swollen to properly diagnose it, so at least for now the team can hope he will play, although the odds are very low. Understandably things around the team are tense and it led to coach Randy Wittman calling out a specific reporter for what he says are complete lies about Wall’s injury.

(Audio) NBA: Donald Sterling Is Out Of His Mind! Listen To The Voicemail He Left Doctors Who Examined Him

Donald Sterling is still at it. The embattled owner of the Clippers (yes he is still technically the owner) just refuses to take the sale of his team lying down. He has already changed his mind about not suing the NBA and fighting the sale of the Clippers and has allegedly threatened his wife Shelly and her lawyers, even going as far as to say “he will take them out”. But this voice mail is a classic. These messages were left on the voicemail of the doctors that examined him that deemed he was not fit to make decisions regarding ownership of the team because he was suffering from dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. He claims he was setup by his wife and these doctors to conspire to wrestle control of the team away. He calls the doctors a tramp and stupid f*cking doctors among other things. Hit the jump.

A Paralyzed Man Hears Doctors Talk About Donating His Organs While He Is Still Alive!

Jim Fritze, 43, was left conscious after he suffered from a stroke. He could not move or speak, but he could hear the doctors in the hospital talking to his girlfriend and family that he was going to die and if they were going to donate his organs even though he was still alive. Fritze said, “I heard them tell my girlfriend and my relatives that there was no hope. I couldn’t do anything. I could only see and hear. I couldn’t move my body.” Read more on the crazy story after the jump!

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