(Photo) Cop Takes “Black Lives Matter” Slogan As A joke

A San Francisco police officer published a photo of two dogs wearing a sign with a slogan.

(Photos+Video) 2 Police Dogs Dead

In Hialeah, Florida, two police dogs died Wednesday when their handler left them inside an unmarked SUV parked outside a Hialeah police officer’s home. The police departments say k-9 officer Nelson Enriquez arrived at his home in Davie early Wednesday morning after completing his midnight shift and apparently left the dogs inside his vehicle.

(Video) Where My Dogs At? Boosie Badazz Discusses His New Business Venture “Badazz Kennels”

You know Boosie Badazz as a rap artist and now you’ll know him as a business man. He’s working on his newest venture, “Badazz Kennels”, which breeds non-aggressive top of the line pit bulls. The rapper explains how his friend pointed out that dogs are expensive and then something clicked because it all “made sense to him”. Hey, that’s the mind of a business man right there! When an opportunity presents itself, you have to go for it. Watch the full clip below!

Ray J Holding His Ex’s Dog Hostage After Nasty Break-UP?!

Puppy love?! Apparently after Ray J & Princess Love’s split, there has been somewhat of a custody battle over the dogs in their lives. According to Princess Love, “their 3 other Maltese’s shouldn’t have to go through a break up as well … they are heartsick and visitation won’t work because things are so acrimonious.” Princess Love is now begging for Ray-J to give their dog Boogati back to her because the rest of her dogs are devastated and  they will not stop crying. We’ve heard of custody battles over kids, but dogs?

(Video) Vet Locks Himself In A Hot Car To Prove Why You Should NEVER Lock Your Pet In Your Vehicle!

For some reason people are still actually thinking it’s in some way acceptable to lock their pets inside sweltering hot vehicles. Whelp, they’re idiots and this dedicated Veterinarian set out to prove why. Whether you crack the windows or not leaving your animal in a hot car for even so much as 30 minutes can be fatal to your beloved pet. Check out the video after the jump!

How Much Does Mariah Carey Spend A Year Grooming Her Dogs? Too Much!

We all know Mariah Carey is a diva in her own right. Being worth around $290 million, she can live the life of luxurious, so why not her furry-babies as well? Mariah loves her fur-babies so much, she reportedly spends $28,000 a year pampering the eight pooches. And these pampering sessions would make a human jealous. Check it.

(Photos) OK, Who’s Getting Weeded Now??

It’s only a matter of time before Weed is legal in the U.S. Or at the very least, decriminalized. As of now, there are two states that have allowed its use for recreational purposes. They are Colorado and Washington. Many other states have allowed its use strictly for medicinal purposes, but the process is about as difficult as the “Make a Wish” process. Meaning that you’d pretty much have to be dying. That’s where pet-owners step in. Many feel the pain that their pets feel and are now pushing to have Marijuana prescribed to them. Hit the jump for more info.

(Photos) Two Dogs Chasing A Cat Chew Through A WHAT?!?!?

Here, we got dogs that’ll chew a hole through the wall — or in this case, car. Two pit bulls were on the hunt for the cat — which, after spotting them ran for dear life. It found its way to the wheel well of a car, waiting on top of the tire, when the dogs began to bite through the car. Many residents of the Florida town expressed much concern for their children: many feared that it could have been one of them chased down by the pits. Check out pics after the jump.

(Photos) Are THESE 5 Breeds Of Dogs Less Popular?!

Remember when dogs used to steal the show? Like, real dogs and not your favorite rappers. Hit the jump and check out some dying breeds. But don’t worry, they aren’t endangered just losing popularity.

(Photos) In Pets We Trust: Joe Budden Spends QT With His Cane Corso; Kaylin Garcia Cops A New Puppy

They may not be together anymore, but they still have things in common…like loving dogs! Joe Budden showed some love to his dog Brooklyn on Instagram earlier today, a 2-year-old Cane Corso that he added to his family (that included a Grey Nosed Pit named Harlem) in 2011. Shortly following his post, Joe’s ex Kaylin Garcia showed off her new purchase, a cute little terrier she affectionately named Toto, clearly after the movie, Wizard Of Oz. Check out the reality stars and their pets in the gallery!

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