(Video) CNN Anchor Don Lemon Speaks On Shootings

CNN Anchor Don Lemon doesn’t always rub viewers the right way with the things he say, but in a panel discussion he expressed his views on the recent murders of Black men by police officers.

(Video) King Louie Appears On CNN To Talk About Chicago Gun Violence Just A Week After Being Shot

Chicago rapper, King Louie was shot while sitting in his car just days before Christmas. Despite being shot several times including once in the head, the rapper has made an amazing recovery and was well enough to be released from the hospital and give an interview with CNN’s Don Lemon. King Louie appeared on the show to talk about the ever growing gun violence issue in the streets of Chicago. He revealed he was not only shot in the head, but seven other times and three of the bullets still are lodged in his body. When asked about the city’s issues Louie said, “The devil is working overtime in Chicago,” He also spoke out about the city’s police force, saying they are “just as crooked as the people they lock up.” Watch the interview below.

(Video) T.I. Speaks Out On Racial Profiling In America On CNN

Not only is he a family man, a famous rapper and a TV star/actor, but Hustle Gang’s head honcho T.I. is quite educated. He recently appeared on CNN to speak out about racial profiling in America with Don Lemon and Kap G. He shared his insights on police brutality and the anger and hatred rap music displays in regards to the police. Check out the full video clip from the show below.

Isaiah Washington Talks D.W.B. & Clears Up His Chris Rock Should “Adapt” Statement

“Stopped by the cops again wish me luck,” is what started it all. The caption was attached to an Instagram photo posted by Chris Rock, who says that over the course of seven weeks, police pulled him over on three separate occasions. In comes former Grey’s Anatomy actor, Isaiah Washington who advised that Rock go a little more subtle with his vehicle selection. Washington tweeted out that because of driving while black, police frequently stopped him as well, which is why, “I sold my $90,000.00 Mercedes G500 and bought 3 Prius’s,” he writes. Washington tells Rock that he should “adapt” to the circumstances. Hmm, yeah no. Since fans attacked Washington for his unsolicited advice, he stopped by ‘CNN Tonight‘ to talk to Don Lemon about what it’s like to be profiled while d.w.b. and what he really means about Rock adapting. Check out the interview down bottom.

(Video) Newly Released Audio Reveals That There Was A Pause In Gun Shots When Micheal Brown Was Shot!

Michael Brown was laid to rest on Monday but the case of his death is far from resting in peace. A recording was just released that reveals the sequence of gun shots that lead to Brown’s death. More after the jump

(Video) Talib Kweli Goes Off On CNN Reporter, Don Lemon, About Ferguson Coverage In News !

The tension between people over the death of Ferguson are high and they just keep growing. Sympathy for the poor boys death is felt by people all over the nation, including celebrities. J.Cole, to name one, even went to his memorial site to pay respects. Many are disappointed with the portray of Ferguson in the media and what is being said. One rapper in particular decided to voice his frustration for all to see… More details after the jump!

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