Kurupt Defends Donald Sterling “They Took A Good Man Down”

Kurupt Gave some words for Donald Sterling.Stiviano in an interview posted by VladTV Wednesday (December 24).

Sports: Donald Sterling Backs Out As Santa In Hood, Fears Attack

Donald Sterling had agreed to play Santa Claus at a children’s event in Watts, California that was set to take place this past Saturday. However, the former team owner opted not to partake in the festivities for the sake of the children’s safety…hit the jump for more deets on this story!

NBA: Seriously? Disgraced Former Clippers Owner Donald Sterling Wants To Be Santa In The “Hood”

At first glance, this story seems so phony, but in the end there is a silver lining. Donald Sterling, the former Clippers owner who was banned from the NBA for being a racist fool after his rant was recorded and went viral, contacted Youth Mentoring Kids, an organization putting together a Christmas for underprivileged kids in Watts, CA. The charity event is called “Party in the Projects” and will take place this Saturday. Now is it an obvious attempt by Sterling to shake that racist title by offering to be Santa in a mostly black neighborhood? Most likely yes, but in the end many kids who would likely get very little for Christmas will benefit the most from Sterling’s attendance so at least we can look at the bright side of that.

Sports: Here We Go Againnn – Donald Sterling Being Sued, Accused of Racism

Once again, Donald Sterling faces a lawsuit regarding unfair treatment and racism. This time around, Sterling is being sued by a tenant from one of his apartment buildings. The tenant, who JUST so happens to be African-American, complained to Sterling about bed bug infestation; however, the complaints went on deaf ears. To make matters worse, Sterling fixed the same problem in nearby apartments while deliberately avoiding the African-American man’s home SMH…more details on this lawsuit story after the jump!

NBA: Comedian Dave Chappelle Believes That Donald Sterling Shouldn’t Have Lost The Clippers

When Sterling was busted making racially sensitive comments earlier this past summer and subsequently lost ownership of the Clippers, many believed that the league delivered justice. Cheaplle. who is in the middle of a comeback, made some interesting comments about the Sterling controversy. Hit the jump for details.

(Video) NBA: Shelly Sterling Praises Clippers New Owner, Right In Front Of Donald Sterling

I am still upset that Shelly Sterling got a pass last year when her husband and now former Clippers owner, Donald Sterling, went on his racist tirade. She tried to play innocent and claims she didn’t think the same way but they have been married more than 30 years, I am sure she thinks somewhat along the same lines as Donald does. It was only about money for her. She now gets looked upon as some great Clippers fan and it is just a joke. She should of been expelled from the league the same way her hubby was just by association alone. Now she is out on the street praising new Clippers owner, Steve Ballmer, while Donald just stands and listens. I’m sorry but she is so phony to me. I wonder how Donald felt after her comments when the camera turned off.

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