WINNING! Guess What Happened To Mac Miller!

Congrats are in order for Mac Miller. Despite the fact that he doesn’t have a crazy presence on radio like say a Drake or a Rick Ross, the Pittsburgh emcee just received not one but TWO gold plaques for his respective singles, “Donald Trump” and “Knock Knock”! That’s huge! Check out the plaques in the gallery. Congrats, homie! Keep it up! Marisa Mendez

Donald Trump’s Kids Tell Him To SHUT UP!

Ivanka Trump and Donald Jr. have allegedly told their father to keep his mouth shut regarding Obama.  We are all very familiar with the type of comments he has had about our president and his kids have stepped and told him to just relax with them.  According to reports they asked him to not ruin their family’s name and his own reputation. Hit the jump Steph B

Trump Steakhouse Shutdown With 51 Violations

Donald Trump might want to spend a little more time minding his own business and staying out of President Obama’s reports that Trump Steakhouse: Las Vegas citing they found expired caviar, yogurt, and even duck that dated back to June. Hit the jump for more. PaulDaPro

[Video] Star Jones: ‘If you have brown skin & a v*gina, I don’t know how you voted for Romney.’

Star Jones held back no punches, as she gave her two cents about actress Stacy Dash’s support for Mitt Romney. Wednesday morning, the former ‘The View’ co-host visited Wendy Williams, dishing on her gig on the ‘Today Show’, working election night, her favorite sentimental moment of the election night (involving the Obama’s daughter, Sasha), thoughts on her good friend Donald Trump’s stance against Obama, turning down ‘Celebrity Apprentice’, ‘Satan’s Sisters’, Lindsay Lohan pulling out of her Barbara Walters interview and more entertaining ‘stuff’. Peep a few excerpts below the jump. Quay

NBA: Mark Cuban & Donald Trump Take Shots At Each Other in Twitter Beef!

Battle between two rich spoiled kids?!  That’s what this seems like to me!  SMH. Mavericks owner Mark Cuban entered himself into the hoopla surrounding Trump’s $5 million challenge to President Obama. Cuban promised to donate $1 million to charity if The Donald shaved his head. Trump has finally responded and the two went at each other last night on Twitter. GameTimeGirl

NBA: Mark Cuban Offers Donald Trump $1 Million To Do WHAT?!

I can’t see this happening, but it would be hilarious. Mark Cuban says Donald Trump’s $5 million challenge to Barack Obama was “one of the DUMBEST things ever” … and now he’s responding with a $1 MILLION challenge of his own. GameTimeGirl

(Video) Donald Trump Continues to Bash President Obama!

Like if one diss wasn’t enough the Donald finds it necessary to continue to question Obama’s credibility! On Late the David Letterman Show, Letterman asked Donald what was his issue! Click below to see his response! Eloisa Melo

Colbert To Trump: $1 Million To Charity For A “Tea-Bag”

Steven Colbert made an announcement on his show stating that he wants to also help the children and offers to donate 1 million to a children’s charity of Trump’s choice ONLY if he allows Colbert to “dip my(his) balls in your mouth.” WOW! That’s BOLD Click here to watch the Video!

“I will write you a check for One Million Dollars from Colbert’s Super Pack (you know I got it). To the charity of your choice anything, Save The Children, Feed The Children, put the children on child apprentice, whatever…if you will let me, dip my balls in your mouth.”


Hot 97 Morning Show Kicks The Realness: “Donald Trump, Shut Yo B**ch A** Up!”

After Donald Trump’s ridiculous stunt show yesterday attempting to get Barack Obama to release his college records, Hot 97 morning show host Peter Rosenberg kicks the realness on why he needs to “shut his b*tch a** up!” Watch below. Marisa Mendez

THIS Was Donald Trump’s Big Obama Bombshell?!

The “big news” Donald Trump had planned to reveal about President Obama that he said could have a major (negative) impact on his campaign has been revealed and well…it’s not really news at all. It does, however, allude to something but without the President’s cooperation…nothing much will come out of this. Apparently there’s something juicy in his college records and applications, and Mr. Trump wants them released. He’s challenging President Obama to do so and if he does, Trump will immediately donate $5 million to a charity of Obama’s choice. “He’ll be doing a great service for the country if he does this,” he added. Honestly, I don’t think Obama should pay him any mind! Check out the full video below and let us know your thoughts! Marisa Mendez

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