(PHOTO) NFL: Football is Back! Ha! Donuts Don’t Lie — Giants vs. Jets!

Yep, it’s back! FOOTBALLLLLL!!!  And yes, that means sh*t talking begins as well.  So here’s something for my fellow Giants fans. I saw this on another site and had to share it.  It’s soooo stupid, yet great. You know how Dunkin Donuts (in NY) have Giants & Jets donuts?!  Well take a look at who’s selling more…sorry Jets fans – numbers don’t lie!

Auto:(Video) One Driver, Two Cars, At The Same Damn Time

Say hello to my boy 2cars! Ok, so it does not have the same ring as 2chainz but it is no different. He must have alot of free time or by nature he has a daredevil spirit because how do you even think to do this to begin with. He manages to have 2 cars doing donuts literally at the same time, as he switches back and forth between cars. I cant even lie, this is pretty cool to see, even though the cars he is using makes the video look like it is from the early 90’s instead of recent. Check the video out below. IamJOE357

(Video) Lexus uses the LFA to teach a swimsuit supermodel about donuts

Nissan may choose to use its Juke to square off with swimsuit-clad supermodels but Lexus takes a different route to interact with the pretty ladies… a circular one. Photographer Yu Tsai wanted a shot of a Lexus LFA performing a donut around model Rianne Ten Haken. He could’ve simply spent some time playing in Photoshop, but instead decided to capture the real thing. @funkmasterflex

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