TIDAL Memberships Double Following Kanye West’s ‘The Life Of Pablo’ Release

Well, Kanye West’s latest project may never make it to the Billboard charts thanks to TIDAL, however thanks to Ye’ TIDAL is staying above water in the streaming game. Kanye previously vowed to never release The Life of Pablo in any other form and encouraged fans to download and stream the album on TIDAL. While, over 500,000 people chose to pirate the album, over a million others subscribed to TIDAL. According to TMZ sources connected with the streaming service, “The Life of Pablo has already been streamed more than 100 million times in less than two weeks” and subscriber numbers have doubled from around 1 million to 2.5 million. Kanye’s team is rumored to be so pleased with the numbers that they may even looking into a second release for the album that could possibly include a physical copy. Stay tuned….

Twitter User ‘Nichytay’ Exposed For Living Double Life.. Literally

Twitter User Exposed For Living Double Life.. Literally. Ah man, here we go again. It seems like every week its always something interesting that happens on twitter. Today it’s the exposure of twitter user “NicheTay” who had two accounts.

(Photos) Ok! Double Amputee Stops Home Invader Until Cops Come!

Finally! Good news out of Ohio. After a man attempted to break into a home occupied by a double amputee and his wife, things didn’t get too out of hand — considering. 34-year-old Roy Davis was sitting in his wheelchair on his porch when his wife, Kenisha Marbury, heard what she thought to be raccoon or squirrel in the house. When she went to investigate the strange sounds, she noticed 49-year-old Joseph Copeland going through their things after sneaking in an unlocked window. More info after the jump!

(Caught On Tape) LOL!! Revenge Against Double-Parking!!!

As Yeezy said, “parallel double par that motherf***** sideways.” It’s great on wax, but what about the Volvo and Rav-4 drivers? Well, it seems that they can fend for themselves.

‘Dairy Cliff’: Milk Prices May Double In New Year!!

So, CNN broke down the situation like this. “In order to keep dairy farmers in buisinesses, the government agrees to buy milk and other products if the price gets too low. The current aggriculture bill has a formula that means the government steps in if the price of milk were to drop roughly from its current national average of about $3.65 a gallon.” Sooo… in a nutshell, it seems like just when prices for gas were easing their way down we now have to spend that money so we’re not eating dry cereal. RUSS B

Tech Talk New: John McAfee Double Arrested, McAfee Still On The Run!!!

Yesterday John Mcafee posted on his blog that he was captured by Mexican authorities at the border, but after some research the post is seems to false as a double was captured.  That could be Mcafee’s way to throw off authorities. Mcafee could still be in Belize hiding out. Authorities in Belize are conducting house to house searches to find John McAfee.  Since being on the run McAfee has dyed his hair and used unique  disguises to elude authorities.  What makes all this crazy is that McaFee is still posting while still on the run, I’m surprised the authorities have’nt caught him based on his internet usage. Yungjohnnybravo x TatWZA

(Fellas Check The Pics!!) Whoa, Coco Has Us Seeing Double!!

Coco has us seeing double. Hit the jump to check her out! DJTech4

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