Kesha Has Now Dropped The Sexual Assault Charges Against Dr.Luke In California

Kesha dropped the sexual assault charges against Dr.Luke in California but she still continues to appeal her two ruling in New York that have kept her ending her contract on his label. Kesha is now working on trying to get her career back on the road.

(Photo) Kesha Snags New Gig and New Hair

Kesha is back and better than ever. She just debut a new look rocking a light silver hair color. The Wynn Las Vegas, also just announced her short residency this summer.

Dr.Luke Requests To See Kesha’s Medical Report

The Dr.Luke and Kesha fight has just took a turn. Dr.Luke is now requesting to see Kesha’s medical reports. Luke and his team filed the report in a Manhattan court. The papers say that pop star Kesha had waived her right to therapist-patient confidentiality when she wanted to break her Sony contract by citing “physical, emotional and sexual trauma inflicted by Mr. Gottwald.”

Kesha’s Mom Drops Counter-Lawsuit Against Dr. Luke

Kesha’s mom previously

(Photos) Kesha Said That She Will Be Granted Her “Freedom” If She Says She Was “Never Raped” By Dr.Luke

Kesha has been in the media lately for suing Dr.Luke for sexual assault allegations. She posted on her Instagram that she will be able to obtain her “freedom” in exchange for an apology for speaking about being sexually assaulted by Dr.Luke as she continues to fight a legal battle. Check out her post in the gallery after the jump.

Dr. Luke Denies Reports That Sony Is Going To Drop Him

Reports circulated yesterday afternoon that Sony was looking into terminating their contract with producer Dr. Luke a year ahead of its end date, as the controversy surrounding his legal battle with Kesha was something they do not want to be associated with. This was a huge update in the case, as the powerhouse label originally stood behind Luke against Kesha’s allegations that he’d sexually abused her for years, and made no moves to release Kesha from her contract – the main thing she is fighting for. Luke’s team is claiming bullsh*t, though. Sources in his camp tell TM that his relationship with execs there is “excellent,” adding:

“His representatives are in regular contact with executives at the highest levels at Sony, and this has never come up.”

Sony, on the other hand, had “no comment.” Hmm. Who are you believing in this one?

Kesha’s Mom Speaks Out Says Her Daughter “Was A Prisoner” While She Worked With Dr. Luke

While Kesha continues to battle it out with producer Dr. Luke in court, attempting to get out of her recording contract on claims he has sexually assaulted and manipulated her over the course of their working relationship, her mother is now speaking out. In an exclusive interview with Billboard, Kesha’s mother, Rosemary “Pebe” Sebert, compared her daughter’s working relationship with Dr. Luke to that of a prisoner. “It was like someone who beats you every day and hangs you from a chain and then comes in and gives you a piece of bread,” Pebe said. “Luke would say, ‘You look nice today,’ and send her into ­hysterics of happiness because she was programmed to expect nothing but abuse.” More below.

Kelly Clarkson Speaks Out On Dr. Luke In Support Of Kesha

As Kesha continues to battle it out with Dr. Luke in court, attempting to get out of their binding recording contract on the grounds that he has sexually assaulted and manipulated her for years, she has gained another celebrity supporter. Singer Kelly Clarkson appeared on KIIS FM in Australia yesterday for an interview with morning show hosts Kyle and Jackie O, and backed up Kesha’s claims against Sony and Luke, saying that he’s “a terrible person” and that she too was “blackmailed” by Sony to work with him. The American Idol alum added that they’ve clashed in a very bad way and he’s a known liar, but did not have a similar experience with the rape claims, however. Regardless, Kelly says the label’s ultimatum was clear: work with Luke, or no album, certainly giving some validity to Kesha’s argument that she needs to be out of the contract completely! Check out the full interview below.

(Video) Akon Shares His Opinion On The Kesha Vs. Dr. Luke Lawsuit

As we’ve previously reported, Kesha has been in court fighting to get out of her recording contract with producer Dr. Luke. According to her claim that Dr. Luke abused and raped her over the course of ten years. A little over two weeks ago a judge ruled in Luke’s favor saying Kesha can just work with other producers without being let go of her contract, however following the ruling SONY came forth with a statement saying Kesha’s contract lies with Dr. Luke. This legal battle is getting messier by the day, however Akon shared his opinion on the situation which seems to be the best idea so far. TMZ caught up with the Konvict Muzik CEO at the airport and asked him what he thought about the Dr. Luke and Kesha situation. Akon revealed that he’s a friend of Luke and could not believe the accusations against him, although he did say “you really can never know.” But came up with a simple solution for all parties involved. According to Akon, Dr. Luke should just let Kesha go. More below.

New Developments! Sony Reveals The Have NO Power Over Kesha’s Contract – It’s ALL Dr. Luke!

This is crazy! As you know, Kesha has been in court fighting to get out of her recording contract under Dr. Luke/Sony, as she alleges that Dr. Luke has abused and raped her over the course of their 10-year working relationship. A judge ruled in Luke’s favor in court last week, saying that Kesha can simply record with other producers under the Sony umbrella, and she doesn’t need to be released from her contract to do so. (The trial addressing the abuse allegations has yet to begin.) However, there are some new developments! Following their other star artists like Adele, Lady Gaga and more speaking out in support of Kesha, it appears that Sony is feeling the heat. They have released a statement on the matter, and they are WIPING THEIR HANDS CLEAN, putting it ALL on Dr. Luke!

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