(Video) Cops Drag A Man Out Of His Car And Taser Him For Blasting His Music

A cop’s body camera catches a incident that took place after they stop a man who was driving and blasting music in his car. Police dragged the man out of his car, tasered him, and pepper sprayed him. The Mississippi County NAACP is asking for this incident to be investigated after Patrick Newbern was charged with a violation of the city noise ordinance, fleeing by vehicle and resisting arrest.

(Photos/Video) Boxing: Floyd Mayweather Disses Oscar De La Hoya For Dressing in Drag & a Drug Addict!

Oscar De La Hoya and Floyd Mayweather often like to send shots at each other and this time the undefeated champ came back with a haymaker.

(PHOTOS) NFL: Huh?! Yea He’s Wearing A Bra — Jacoby Jones Competes In Drag Show

No this isn’t anything like the Oscar De La Hoya situation — Jacoby wasn’t caught doing anything — he was actually being a good sport and got silly for some fans. While it’s fun to see a different side to athletes, I’m not about seeing a guy rocking a bra. Lol. Check it out…

(VIDEO/PHOTOS) NBA: Dennis Rodman Plays Basketball in Drag

Classic Dennis Rodman is back. He decided to dress like a drag queen during Legends of Basketball Tour 2014 in Argentina. No one’s surprised right?! Check out the video & pics…

Indie Music Spotlight: DRAG – Drive

Check out this ne wone from DRAG called “Drive.” Click below to check out the track and find out more about DRAG.

Wow! Drag Race Ends With Two Dead

It’s not uncommon for teenagers to occasionally hit trees. But not like this. 18-year-old Ray Vega along with his 17-year-old passenger and girlfriend, Carmen Rivera-Gotay, met their unfortunate demise after while racing Ray’s older brother, Kevin. While attempting to pass Kevin, Ray –instead– sideswiped him, lost control of his ’96 Honda Accord, and smacked full speed into a tree.

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