(Photo) Jay & Bey Bailed Out Protesters

Now that the air is clear its okay to say Jay & Bey bailed out protesters in the most recent Baltimore Riots. Although it has been kept a secret for a short amount of time it was more than necessary to announce the good deed. Recently someone questioned about what exactly do The Carters give back to the community , and if they are any way involved in “Black Lives Matter” Keep reading to find out who was the first to fly off the handle and rebuttal that statement.

Talib Kweli Gets Backlash From WHO About His Comments Towards Rick Ross ?!?!

Has this issue or has it not been taken to a WHOLE other level ??? I’m by far NOT down with rape, but is this subject suppose to be taken to the extreme the way it has become ??? After Talib Kweli voices his opinion on Rick Ross’ date rape reference, he gets a little voice talking to him in his ear, and this one he calls a friend. Some one has just a few things that they would like to express. Drop down below to see who it is.

Jay-Z & His Good Friend, Writer Dream Hampton, Show Support For Frank Ocean Coming Out

As we all know by now, Frank Ocean opened up about his sexuality late Tuesday night via an open letter on his Tumblr page. Since then, many have come out in support of the Odd Future singer, including his own group. Now he has even more people behind his courageous move. Writer Dream Hampton, longtime friend of Jay-Z and author of his book “Decoded”, wrote an open letter to Frank yesterday, praising him for what he’s done. She emailed the letter to Jay (who worked closely with Frank on last year’s Watch The Throne) after writing it, who as Dream tweeted, “put it on his site in minutes. That’s love. Over your shoulder is an army love…” Check out Dream’s letter below. Marisa Mendez

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