Woman Who Pulled Fast Food Worker Through Drive-Thru Window Has Been Arrested

Earlier this week, a very violent and volatile video went viral. It shows things between a McDonald’s worker and a drive-thru customer go from 0 to a 1000 in the blink of an eye. The customer was seen pulling the worker through the drive-thru window by her hair. Following, which was not seen on the video, three other participants helped jump the female worker. Now, all four woman have been arrested. Find out more below.

(Video) Charlie Sheen Is Totally, “Hammered” During A Late Night Taco Bell Run

Charlie Sheen may know how to get under a person’s skin with his antics, but he also knows how to let loose and have a grand ol’ time. Taking a page from my book, Charlie goes on a late night Taco Bell run while completely plastered or in his words, “f**kin’ hammered.” The Anger Management actor approaches a car in the fast food joints’ drive-thru and shows off the tattoos on his chest. This guy is classic – LOL! Check out Charlie down bottom

(Video) Caught On Tape: Robbers Shoot Out Drive-Thru Window

It went down in Houston this past Nov. And it was all caught on tape!

(Video) NBA: Paparazzi Catch Lamar Odom at Drive-Thru & Ask About Crack Cocaine!!

Damn, the paparazzi is ruthless!!  This guy was head beating Lamar!  Give the man some space!!  As Lamar Odom went through a Taco Bell drive-thru for some tacos, the paparazzi caught up with him and only asked about crack cocaine.  SMH. At least Lamar was smiling (and showing off his wedding ring) — He looked good.  Check out his reaction…

Say Word?! First Ever Department Store Drive Thru?!?!

The closest thing to a drive thru department store is probably a CVS, but that’s only for their Pharmacy. Hit the jump for the full story.

Auto:(Video) LMAO ..Headless Driver Prank At Drive-Thru!

This dude is back at it again. A few months ago the internet was buzzin with the youtube video of the guy who was ordering food from the drive thru and acting like nobody was in the car. He had a costume that looked like a seat cover so it appeared nobody was actually driving the car. You can see that funny story by clicking HERE. Now the funny man is back with the headless horseman costume. The reactions from the workers are funny as hell!! Check it out after the jump.

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