South Carolina DMV Demands Teen To Take Off His Make-Up Before License Photo!

Sixteen year old, Chase Culpepper, considers himself “gender non-conforming” and he wears make-up everyday, well, except the day he has to take a picture that will end of on his ID until he turns 21. When he went into the DMV for what should be every 16 year old’s most exciting day, he was humiliated by being forced to take off his make-up for his license picture because he was said to have been “wearing a disguise.” Now Chase is fighting back, find out more after the jump!

Yes, AGAIN! DMX Arrested In South Carolina For WHAT?!

Sometimes, all you can say is tsk tsk! DMX has been arrested, yet again for something simple. Every driver knows that you must have a valid driver’s license, a car tag and insurance – all of which X DID NOT, when South Carolina PD stopped him yesterday [11/4], on his way to the airport. I really hope that this man can get it together. Wasting all that talent on incarceration. Hit the jump and check out what X’s publicist, Domenick Nati had to say.

NFL: Uh-Oh, Trouble For Plaxico Burress?!

At least Plaxico Burress is still on a team, although this might make it a little hard for him to get to work. Check out another hoop that Plax is going to have to jump through…

(Photos) Uh Oh!! Does This Mean No More NYS Fake I.D.’s ?!?!

Out with the old, In with the new! New York State Making some I.D. changes that could ruin any possibility of having a fake I.D. and actually getting away with it, hit the jump and take a look.

Octomom Gets Her Drivers License Back… Barely Passing Written Exam

Octomom Nadya Suleman is still making good use of her hands … this time to grip a steering wheel … ’cause she finally got her driver’s license back! @DjRellyRell

2017 Will Bring SECURITY EXPRESS LANE At Airport!!!!!

States now have the option to allow residents express check-in at the airport despite national security concerns. Today Connecticut puts the new law into action. Hit the jump for details! Emma RABID

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