Drake Turns 29 Today, Happy Birthday Drake!

Its October, its chilly and its officially Drakes birthday! Today we will take a second to look back on what a great year 2015 has been for Octobers very own!

(Photos) NBA: Drake Unveils New Raptors Jerseys During #OVOFest

While Drake was busy last night at #OVOFest trying to put the final nail in Meek Mill’s metaphorical coffin, he was doing it in style, unveiling the new alternate Raptors jerseys for next NBA Season.

(Photo) Did Drake Just Hint At A Willow Smith Collab On ‘Views From The 6’?

Just when we all thought the hype surrounding Views From The 6 couldn’t grow any stronger, Drake seems to be adding fuel to the fire. Was his latest move a hint at a Willow Smith collaboration?

(Video) NFL: Not Everyone In H-Town Loves Drake, Texans Cheerleaders Aren’t Feeling Him

Everyone knows Drake LOVES Houston. He might not say it publicly but he might even like H-town more than his home of Toronto. The reason?? Well like he says he likes his girls “bbw” and Houston is the home of the thickest women in the country. Yes that’s a fact, I checked, lol. Houston in return loves Drake, they even made him part of H-town appreciation week earlier this year. Turns out though there is one group of people, specifically women, who aren’t big fans of his. Houston Texans cheerleaders.

(Video) NBA: Wizards Fans Shower Drake With Boo’s When He Shows Up To Support Raptors

Drake gets a lot of flack for always supporting front running teams or the star athlete of the moment, but he does have genuine love for his Raptors. Unfortunately or him however the Raptors are basically being run out of the Playoffs by the Wizards so he might not have much time left this season to cheer for them. With that in mind, Drizzy traveled to D.C. to watch the Raptors try and get back in the series. The moment he walked in the boo’s started but he handled it like a pro, taking a couple bows and enjoying it. It was all for not though as the Raptors lost again and now are down 3-0 in the best of seven series so it is pretty much a wrap at this point.

(Photo) NBA: Drake Gets Called Out By Canadian Politicians For Shaking Paul Pierce’s Hand

Canadians and more specifically people from Toronto are clearly no fans of Paul Pierce, especially after what he said about their beloved franchise. Pierce recently said Toronto was a decent team, but they just didn’t have “it”. Now “it” could have been many things, but either way it was not a compliment, and Raptors GM Masai Ujiri responded accordingly, cursing Pierce’s name before the series and being fined for it. Drake is the Raptors “team ambassador” and it seems some people are upset with Drizzy showing Pierce some love.

(Video) Sports: Drake Shows Off His Strange Looking But Effective Jump Shot

We all know Drake loves basketball and he is more hyped than usual thanks to the Raptors playoff series getting underway today. Last time we saw Drizzy taking a jumper he shot a horrific airball while warming up with Kentucky that promptly made all of us tell him to sit down! Apparently he either had a bad day that night or he has been working on it cause he was dropping buckets like he was born to do it while out in Cali. Complete with a Raptors Vince Carter jersey, Drake has definitely caught the playoff spirit. His jumper looks odd as hell but hey if it goes in it’s all good.

(Photo) NCAA: Drake Puts Himself On Kentucky Wildcats Roster With This Hilarious Photo

Drake has been riding the Kentucky bandwagon for a couple years now which is really nothing new. He loves to align himself with star athletes at the college and pro level even though it is obvious he doesn’t have an athletic bone in his body. That isn’t a diss either because he clearly has done very well for himself regardless. With March Madness in full swing, Drizzy’s favorite Kentucky Wildcats are playing for a shot at the Final Four tonight and I guess none of us new Drake joined the team. Check the gallery!

(Photos) Already Huh? Blac Chyna Tags Drake In Picture; Lil Durk Said He’s Next?

You know what they say, ‘a woman scorned’, earlier today Tyga hacked Chyna’s twitter account, said some rather unflattering words. Although she got it back and commented on the situation, it seems though as she wasn’t satisfied, she just had to go one more step!

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