NBA: Lamar Odom Will Not Face Cocaine Charges in Drug Overdose

The good news continues to roll in for Lamar Odom.  Not only was he released from the hospital, but he also won’t face drug charges in the near fatal overdose.

Nelly’s Tourbus Meth Case Is Heading To Grand Jury

Last spring, Nelly was arrested after cops found drugs and guns on his tour bus. Bossip reports that a grand jury is now going over the case, will soon decide whether or not to indict him. Nelly denied any involvement with the drugs or the guns, but was charged with felony drug possession, possession of drug paraphernalia and simple possession of marijuana. The rapper is facing eight to 12 years on just the drug charge alone. His next court date is in January.

NBA: D.A. May Still File Drug Charges Against Lamar Odom But Never Charged Anyone Else in Similar Case

Lamar Odom is now in the crosshairs of prosecutors who may file cocaine possession charges against him, but if they do, it could be a first for the D.A., which raises troubling questions.

Lil Za’s Vandalism Charge For Jail Phone Reduced From Felony To Misdemeanor

When Justin Bieber’s house was raided in January to find evidence of an egging next door, the Biebs’ BFF Lil Za was arrested and charged with 2 counts of felony possession of a controlled substance. While behind bars, Za was arrested AGAIN after he “flipped out” and smashed a cell phone, and was then hit with a felony vandalism charge. Za appeared in court today to face the latter charge, and lucky for him, it was reduced to a misdemeanor, as the threshold for felony vandalism is $400 or more, which the jail phone’s value does not equate to. As far as the drug charges, TMZ reports that Za will probably get drug diversion, and it looks like the case will be plea bargained next month.

RiFF Raff Gets Drug Charges Dismissed In North Carolina

Back in August, RiFF Raff was arrested in Greensboro, NC when cops stopped his vehicle at 2:30am and found weed, drug paraphernalia and an open container of alcohol. Today was the rapper’s lucky day, though, as the D.A. on the case felt they didn’t have enough evidence for a conviction, and dismissed the case entirely. Merry Christmas!

Riiight: Jenelle Evans Says The Heroin Isn’t Hers

Following her arrest for assault against her husband earlier this week, former “Teen Mom” star Jenelle Evans is taking the usual route of denying the drugs found in her house at the time of the arrest were hers. Jenelle says she had “no idea” that the 12 bindles of heroin and Percocets were in the house at all, and they definitely don’t belong to her. She and her lawyer fully expect to beat that charge. Good luck with that one, boo.

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