#MusicStillMatters New Music: Macklemore & Ryan Lewis – Drug Dealer

In a special that will be airing on MTV tonight, Macklemore speaks with President Barack Obama on his past opioid addiction and how addiction to drugs and pills can affect someone’s life. Beforehand, the Seattle rapper & his production partner Ryan Lewis drop off a new song on Macklemore’s past addict life “Drug Dealer.” In it, he gets into his dark past and even names off some rappers we’ve lost to drug addiction including A$AP Yams, Prince & more. Be sure to check out the MTV doc on Opioid addiction. Listen to “Drug Dealer” below by downloading the DJ Funk Flex App for iOS & Android for free.

(Photos/Videos) Tomi Lahren Clapbacks at Jay-Z and Pusha T

You would think Tomi Lahren, known as a conservative-opinionated young woman, can take another’s opinion so well simply because she has so much of her own…well guess again. Check her response to the shade being thrown at her by Jay Z and Pusha T.

From Jumpsuit To Cap And Gown: 67-Year-Old Ex-Harlem Drug Dealer Graduates From Columbia University

Former drug dealer, David Norman, has just earned his B.A. in philosophy from Columbia University. He is now the oldest graduating from his class at 67-years-old. Better late than never.

NBA: Caron Butler’s Childhood Dream Was to be a Drug Dealing Kingpin, Basketball Was a Hobby

Many major media publications might be shocked by this declaration but for those of us familiar with the “hood” this is no surprise at all.  Caron Butler grew up dealing drugs, and despite his tall frame and basketball skills, his dream was to be a drug kingpin.

(Photo) Colombian Drug Dealers Deliver Cocaine To Supermarket

Colombia is most notoriously known for there cocaine.Being one of the largest suppliers of cocaine you would think they would have the whole cartel thing down. Thirteen German Aldi Supermarkets received over 12 million dollars worth of cocaine hidden in Banana shipments.Colombian drug dealers mistakenly delivered cocaine to the supermarkets.

(Video) Tracy Morgan Details His Drug-Dealing Past & Why He Chose Comedy Over The Streets On ‘Arsenio’

Tracy Morgan stopped by ‘The Arsenio Hall Show’ to chop it up. The comedian detailed his past as a crack-dealer and explained he had a “heart of gold” and always felt bad for the junkies so he decided to turn to comedy. (Sounds legit.) Check out the interview below!

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