Funk Flex Talks To Kevin Chiles About Alpo & Rich Porter, AZ, Snitches Vs Witness & More

Don Diva Magazine’s own Keven Chiles and Delson Holoway dropped by to make sure some truths get told, and there be no doubt about what’s what!

NBA: Oh Boy, They Have Suspects In Lamar/Khloe Robbery — And They’re Linked To Lamar

Earlier this week we learned that Lamar & Khloe were robbed of $250,000 in jewelry and the former couple are demanding for everyone around them to take lie detector tests.  Well it looks like it may not have been any of the house staff, assistants, filming crews, inspectors or movers.  Check out who is being suspected of the robbery…

Four Drug-Dealing Suspects Arrested In Connection With Selling Drugs To Actor, Philip Seymour Hoffman

Three men and one woman was arrested at 302 Mott Street in Manhattan in connection to the heroin the actor, Philip Seymour Hoffman purchased prior to his death. 350 bags filled with the drug were labeled as “black list” and “red bull,” when police entered the apartments to arrest the dealers. Sources claim that these weren’t the same type of drug found in Hoffman’s apartment. One of the four dealers arrested was found with Hoffman’s telephone number in his cell. TSK TSK! Find out more on the suspects, after the jump.

NBA: Lakers Jersey Numbers Being Used as Code Words for Drugs

I’m pretty sure this is not what the Lakers want their players to be associated with — drugs.  This doesn’t even seem like a smart system to me?!  You really don’t think cops/feds or whoever will catch on?!  Jersey numbers are being used to request a specific amount of drugs (just like what Hov was rapping about with Wade & Bron in “Empire State of Mind”) .  Drug dealers are actually pretty smart, so I’m surprised that this is working (not for much longer though). Report after the jump…

(Video) Drug Dealers Accidentally Text Police End Up Arrested

A pair of genius drug dealers made a big mistake when they accidentally texted a police officer about a drug deal. Hit the jump. @steveisDOPE

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