(Photo) U.S. Customs Seizes $50,000 Worth Of Cookies Filled With What?!

I bet you were thinking pot cookies, huh? Nope, this is some real sh*t. A man was arrested earlier this month at Newark International Airport after he tried to sneak some cocaine filled cookies into the US after returning from Guatemala. Check the pic and find out the whole story after the jump!

A Man Tries To Throw A Football Full Of What Into A Prison Yard?!

Well, guess you can’t blame a guy for trying? Maybe he was just watching a little bit too much ‘Orange Is The New Black’ and got inspired. A Detriot man was arrested after allegedly trying to throw a football stuffed with heroine, weed, tobacco, and cell phones into the G. Robert Cotton Correctional Facility in Lansing, Michigan on Sunday. Unfortunately for him, he didn’t have that great of a throwing arm and an officer was near by. Find out more after the jump!

(Video) College Professor Arrested For Drug Smuggling

UNC-Chapel Hill physics professor, Paul Frampton, was arrested in Argentina early this year after being caught with more than 4 pounds of cocaine at an Argentian airpport! The 68-year-old has been convicted by an Argentine court. Click below for full story! Eloisa Melo

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