(Video) Snoop Dogg Says There’s Racial Profiling as NBA & NFL Test for Weed & NHL Doesn’t

Hip hop artist and well-known marijuana advocate Snoop Dogg appeared on ESPN’s First Take on Wednesday morning.  Max Kellerman talked about his stance that since the NFL is in close business with alcoholic beverage companies then they shouldn’t test for marijuana since alcohol is worse for you than weed.  Kellerman asked Snoop what his stance is on that subject.  While we all expected Snoop to fully agree, he did, but he also explained another point, the racial aspect in drug testing.

Boxing: Trouble Brewing? Floyd Mayweather Reportedly Won’t Agree To Failed Drug Test Penalty

Could another issue regarding drug testing possibly derail the biggest fight in the history of boxing? Most likely not since contracts have already been signed, but with the history between Mayweather and Pacquiao, you just can never believe the fight is going to be real until they are in the ring. Reportedly some trouble is brewing between the camps because Floyd allegedly will not agree to the same $5 million dollar penalty for a failed drug test that he asked Pacquiao to agree to. According to Leonard Ellerbe however, it is not Floyd’s fault and he has some harsh words for Manny and his camp.

NFL: Commissioner Roger Goodell Says He’s Randomly Drug Tested

With the legalization of marijuana in Washington and Colorado, there’s been a lot of talk about expanding it elsewhere.  During a Super Bowl press conference, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell was asked if he would change his stance on the drug with the change in times.

TCU Coach Says He Will Drug Test His Players After Spring Break

If you play Football for Gary Patterson it’s probably a good idea that you lay low this Spring Break.  I can’t say I blame him for the drug test after 4 of his previous players were running a campus-wide drug ring!  Hit the jump for the full story on what TCU’s coach says he’ll be doing when his team returns from their vacay! @DJMatthewTyler x Sabrina B. @gametimegirl

GOP Pushing For Unemployment Drug Testing

Members of the GOP are bring the debate of unemployment drug testing to the House floor this week. According to some Republicans, the people who depend on unemployment can’t find a job because of their bad decisions. This isn’t the first time the Republicans have brought up drug testing people on unemployment but they are hoping it will be the last. Currently the only law, in 20 states in place regarding drugs and collecting unemployment states that a person is disqualified for unemployment benefits if they were fired for drug-related reasons. Read more after the jump. Julie1205

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