(Photo) Couple Fatally Drugged Their 4-Year-Old Daughter So They Could Have Sex

After being given 13 years in prison for fatally drugging a little girl, a English man gave quite a shrug in court. John Rytting and the child’s mother, Michala Pyke, gave 4-year-old Poppy Widdison diazepam, heroin, methadone, and ketamine for at least six months before she suffered from cardiac arrest. The two gave the child drugs so that she wouldnt disturb them while having sex.

(Video) Youtube Sensation ‘Spoken Reasons’ Drops Some Gems About Conspiracy & How The Bill Cosby Case Is Being Handled

Everyone has an opinion about the Bill Cosby case, but as of yet no concrete evidence has been presented to give audiences the answers they’ve been craving. In his 5-min commentary Spoken Reasons goes in about the possibility of conspiracy, warning his brothers and sisters not to be blind to the media’s antics. They paint Bill Cosby out to be such a vulture, allowing those of other races who committed the same crimes to slip through the cracks of justice. See the video after the jump!

(Video) Comedian Eddie Griffin Weighs In On Bill Cosby Allegations: “There Is A Systematic Effort To Destroy Every Black Male Entertainer’s Image”

We recently reported the news that Bill Cosby has been arrested and charged with aggravated indecent assault in response to multiple rape allegations against him. In an interview with Vlad TV, fellow comedian Eddie Griffin makes it abundantly clear that he is #TeamBill and describes how common the use of the drug Quaalude was in the 70’s when most of these alleged assaults took place. He describes how the women admitted to willingly going to Dr. Cosby’s hotel room, meaning they were down to f!*# from the beginning. See what he had to say after the jump!

Yikes: Lindsay Lohan Says She Was Roofied & Did WHAT?!

It’s never a dull moment when it comes to Lindsay Lohan’s life. The actress is claiming that while she was at her friend Justin Etzin and model Lana Zakocela’s wedding in Florence recently, she was slipped a roofie. According to Lohan, when she got back to her villa – she was running around with no clothes on!

NBA: Derrick Rose & Attorney Say Rape Lawsuit Is Just a Shake Down to Get Money

An alleged ex-girlfriend of Derrick Rose has come out and filed a lawsuit against him for allegedly drugging and gang-raping her.  His response is what most would assume; according to Rose and his attorney, the woman is just out to get money.

NBA: Woman Claiming To Be Ex-Girlfriend Of Derrick Rose Says He & His Friends Drugged & Raped Her

Given the very low key nature of Derrick Rose’ personality it’s hard to see this happening but then again you never know. A woman who claims she is his ex-girl after dating Rose from 2011-2013, is now accusing the Bulls star of drugging and raping her along with two of his friends.

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