Looks Like Young Buck Could Be Heading Back To Jail

Young Buck just can’t leave the ganja alone! The G-Unit rapper might be heading back to jail yet again after his probation officer claims he used someone else’s urine to pass a drug test. Buck’s PO is saying that he came into the facility with a plastic bag full of someone else’s clean pee and then proceeded to transfer the urine into the cup with a tube. Come to find out, it’s actually a felony to fake court-mandated pee and could be up to another five years behind bars. He’s allegedly been on the road smoking weed with his rapper friends (but it was Snoop Dogg – who can possible resist that?!) Being that Buck is already on probation, this is not looking good one bit.

(Video) St. Louis Police Use Tear Gas On Protesters Marching For Fatal Shooting

From the shooting from a police raid in St Louis. Protesters took matters into their own hands for justice of the 18 year old boy that died in the shooting earlier Wednesday. The police department felt the protestors where threats, and would harm them so they used tear gas on the protestors. As well as nine arrest.

Female Viagra, The Little Pink Pill Approved By The FDA

Before the FDA Advisory Board backed ‘the little pink pill’ it was shot down twice by the FDA. Today however, Addyi (flibanserin) referred to as the “female Viagra”—has been approved. Read more below.

NBA: Report, Hawks Mike Scott Facing 25 Years In Prison After Arrest For Possession Of Weed & Molly

Mike Scott made the biggest mistake of his life a couple weeks ago and he is going to pay for it severely. Scott was traveling with his younger brother when they were pulled over. After a search of the car, felony amounts of marijuana were found, along with Molly, which is a felony itself. Scott eventually bailed out of jail but his problems are only starting.

Wait A Minute…D.A.R.E. Calls For Marijuana Legalization On Their Website

Can this really be happening ? Could D.A.R.E be shifting gears and be in support of the legalization of marijuana? This doesn’t make sense as the program was designed by Nancy Regan in 1982 to teach and scare children out of doing drugs. However, their website recently posted a piece calling for the legalization of weed. Hit the jump for more.

Spelman College Cuts All Ties With Bill Cosby, Discontinues Professorship Funded By Cosby

Historically black school for women, Spelman College is just another institution to be added to the list of all those who have cut ties with Bill Cosby. Since the news of Cosby drugging and raping over two dozen women broke nearly everything and everyone associated with the once beloved comedian and actor has tried to separate from him. The latest is Spelman who has a professorship funded by Cosby. This week the school released a statement announcing they will discontinue the program. Read More below.

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