Auto:(Photos) Usher Loves Ridin’ Round & Gettin’ It

Usher has been busy lately riding his different bikes. Maybe he is practicing how to make a quick getaway from screaming fans. All I know is his bikes are dope though. He copped himself a new Ducati last month in New York and was caught by cameras riding around the city, even on sidewalks. Now this new bike is still a mystery. It is definitely a custom job but details are pretty slim. He looks like he is shooting a movie the way he is dressed and riding. He was caught coming out of Barney’s in Beverly Hills, which may explain why he is riding in a suit. If you have any info on the custom bike, feel free to share. Check out the Ducati after the jump.

(Photos) Damn!! Justin Bieber Got A Ducati!!!?

Justin Bieber treated himself to a $20,000 ducati… and it’s nice!! It’s not the one pictured above, it’s all black with red rims, has a duel exhaust, and Justin drove it wearing an outfit that matches it! Who knew he was a ruff rider?! Hit the jump to check it out. Melissa

(Photos) Wyclef Catches Backlash After Posting Picture On A Custom Ducati Oiled Up In His Underwear

What the f#ck was Wyclef thinking? Who was the camera man on this? Is this where the Yele funds went? Is he going through a midlife crisis? These are the questions that ran through my mind when Wyclef posted this ridiculous photo of himself in nothing but his underwear on a customized Haiti-inspired Ducati, in honor of his 43rd birthday. “TODAY I AM 43 YEARS OLD! I look And feel 26! U cant keep à good Man down! Keep a smile when they want you to frown!” he wrote. The Twitter community went up in arms, mad at the ridiculous photo but more so that he seems to be completely ignoring the fact his Yele charity was completely shut down for misuse of funds. In the gallery, check out the photo in question, as well as some Twitter reactions. What are your thoughts on the photo? Marisa Mendez

Auto Talk: Audi deal to buy Ducati valued at $1.1B

Automotive News is reporting that Audi is set to lay down $1.1 billion to purchase Ducati from the motorcycle manufacturer’s current owner, Investindustrial. The news comes courtesy of a source “familiar with the matter,” though neither Audi nor Investindustrial have officially commented on whether that price is accurate. As Automotive News points out, the price is around seven times what Ducati earned last year before interest, taxes and depreciation – even after subtracting any debt Ducati holds. Currently, the motorcycle maker’s liabilities are less than $262.6 million. Funk Flex

Auto Talk: Audi to announce Ducati acquisition next week?

According to at least one unnamed source, Audi’s purchase of Ducati is as good as done. Reuters reports that Audi has taken a good hard look at Ducati’s books and found “no major stumbling blocks.” Funk Flex

Auto Talk: Daimler refutes interest in Ducati

A Daimler spokesman has put an end to rumors that his employer is trying to outbid Audi for an interest in motorcycle-builder Ducati. Funk Flex

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