(Video) Indiana Rapper Speaks On Why He Shot Himself; To ‘Gain Fame’ ?

An Indiana rapper named ‘Kasper’ took dedication to an all time height. He claims that he loves his music and what he does so much, that he shot himself in the face to gain fame and attention. This is true and you have to see it to believe it.

(Video) Dumb Thief Takes Selfie In Victim’s Home By Mistake!

The Coonery and f**kery continues now. A crazy robber broke into a home and basically sold himself out. The theif too a selfie in victum’s home by mistake! Wow.

(Photos) Interesting: Study Shows More Women Are Marrying Dumb Men

We’re all guilty every now and then of dating people who may “lack” a tad bit in the knowledge department. However, a recent study shows that more women are marrying dumb men. Being that times have changed and most females aren’t just sitting around the house cooking and cleaning for their hubby while waiting at their beck and call, the typical housewife role is slowly becoming extinct. Do females who are the breadwinners in their households just want a “trophy husband” to sit around and look handsome while she goes out and supports the family? According to the survey, the answer may possibly be yes.

(Video) NBA: WTF?! Andrea Bargnani Takes Dumbest Shot Ever & Knicks Bench Reacts Appropriately!

That photo above explains it all. SMH. It wasn’t pretty, but a win is a win damn it!! I’ll take what I can get. If you missed it last night, get ready for one of the stupidest shots you’ll see in NBA history. Someone should probably check on Andrea Bargnani this morning. Check out what he did…

(Photos) Facebook Helps Catch Another Dumb Criminal?!

I say dumb because 1) he got caught 2) he didn’t have to! So Police in Texas believed a dude broke into 17 cars, and decided to post him up on FB(act of desperation), and THIS Dummy decided to reply -_-

(Photos) How Do Hangovers Affect You? See For Yourself!!

Some people love to enjoy their nights so much, that they sometimes have to suffer the next day because of it. That suffering is known as a hangover. Despite the intense feeling during the day after, scientists’ research now shows that hangovers do more affect days after. Check out how far that hangover can follow you after the jump.

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