(Video) NBA: Dwayne Wade Talks Naked ESPN Spread And LeBron’s Win


So this is mostly for the ladies…and maybe some fellas too, I don’t discriminate! Naked D-Wades for EVERYONE!!!

(Video) NBA: For Wade & Bosh It Kinda Pays To NOT Be In The Playoffs


While his boy LeBron is hard at work trying to make sure that the Toronto Raptors don’t steal the Eastern Conference Finals, Dwayne Wade is “roughing it” on a European vacation with teammate (possibly former soon) Chris Bosh.

(Video) NBA: Lebron James Goes Undercover At A Pizza Parlor And Gets Mistaken For Dwayne Wade


Looks like Lebron James wanted to try a change in careers for a day. James went undercover at a ‘Blaze Pizza’ parlor (which I hear has amazing pizza btw) and gave people the 411 on different sauces for their pizza.

(Video) NBA Releases 2014 Christmas Ad “No Gifts”


‘Tis the season, as it’s that time of the year! The NBA has released its new, 2014 Christmas Ad, titled ‘No Gifts,’ starring Chris Paul, Kyrie Irving and Steph Curry (just to name a few)… Check it out below!

(Fellas Check The Pics) Happy Birthday, Gabrielle Union: Check Out 5 Sexy Pics Of The Actress!

gabrielle union dishes on beauty tips

In honor of Gabrielle Union’s birthday, take a look at five super sexy flicks of the talented actress. Wishing you many, many more!

NBA: Dwayne Wade Talks Relationship With LeBron & Why Last Season Wasn’t Fun To Play


D Wade sat down for an interview and spoke in depth about a variety of topics from Lebron to his hopes for next season. Hit the jump for details.

(Photos) NBA: Twitter Goes In On Dwayne Wade After Gab Union Nude Leak


The celebrity nude leak scandal has affected the newlywed couple, who reached out to the FBI in order to investigate. Now, twitter is blaming D Wade for the leak. The memes are out of control. Hit the jump for details.

(Photo) NBA: Check Out The $20K Watch Designed By Dwayne Wade


The Miami Heat superstar partnered up with Hublot to release a new watch made of alligator skin and 18k gold. The watch also comes in the Miami Heat colors. Hit the jump for picture.

(Photos) NBA: Dwyane Wade & Gabrielle Union’s Wedding Invitations Released & They Have Serious Rules!


Dwyane Wade and Gabrielle Union sent out their wedding invitations and it looks like they want the function to be top secret and away from social media.  The only celebrity couple I’ve ever seen actually pull this off is Jay Z and Beyonce.  So can Wade and Gabby do it too?  Check out the rules and procedures for their nuptials.

SMH: Dwyane Wade-Syndrome? Ludacris IS The Father Of Newborn Baby…Whose Mom Is NOT Eudoxie!

Ludacris & Eudoxie

Yo, what is wrong with these celebrities? It is one thing to cheat…sadly, it comes with the territory. It’s a whole different level of cheating to NOT ONLY go raw, but to…hmm, how do I keep this PG?…to uh, let go of your stuff inside of these women! LOL! This truly gives meaning to “thinking with the wrong head.” You’re famous, you’re rich and your significant other is also well known…not only is the side chick going to MAKE SURE she gets your seed by any means possible because she’ll be ca$hing out, but you’re humiliating the woman you supposedly “love so much” on the most public scale EVER! Okay, am I ranting? I just realized I haven’t even gotten to the story yet. Sorry guys. I just…I can’t b. WHY ARE MEN SO DUMB! (Don’t start with the “Who hurt you?” comments now, LOL.) Anyway, following in the footsteps of Dwyane Wade, Ludacris stepped out on his significant other Eudoxie this year and got another woman pregnant. Also taking a page out of Dwayne’s book, he’s rolling with the “we were on a break” thing. Right. Way to save face, guys. More below.

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