NFL: Is This The Real Reason The Eagles Released DeSean Jackson?


The way the Eagles released DeSean Jackson last week and all the reports that were leaked, you knew there was more to the story than what was on the surface. The initial report was the Eagles were not comfortable with the “affiliations” Jackson had with alleged gang members back in California. The more time that has passed however, a different story is developing. One that has more to do with his relationship with the coaches and players in the Eagles locker room. You have to see what people within the organization had to say. Hit the jump.

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NFL: DeSean Jackson Agrees To 3-Year Deal With Redskins; Kevin Durant & RG3 Tweet


C’mon DeSean, you had to stay in the NFC East huh?!  Lol.  Redskins fans rejoice!!!  It’s official!  The news was announced super early this morning that DeSean Jackson has agreed to a deal with the Redskins — and DeSean confirmed the news on his Twitter/Instagram accounts.  Hit the jump for details…

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NFL: T.I. Chimes In & Is Not Happy About The DeSean Jackson/Gang Rumors Situation

IFWT_Desean TI2

T.I. stopped by Jim Rome’s show yesterday and talked about everything that’s going on with DeSean Jackson (being released from Eagles, gang affiliation rumors, etc).  As you can imagine, he’s not very happy.  Check out what he had to say…

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(Photos) NFL: DeSean Jackson Responds To Gang Rumors & Being Released By Eagles


NFL fans are still in shock that the Eagles have released DeSean Jackson. The circumstances surrounding his release seem to be dealing with off the field things, rather than actual football issues. Affiliations with gang members and suspect activity are at the heart of this news, but right now it is all speculation. Jackson himself responded via twitter and a statement. Hit the jump.

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NFL: Breaking News: Eagles Release DeSean Jackson, Gang Affiliations May Be Part Of Reason


This is big news!! It was rumored the past week or so but I don’t think many people actually thought the Eagles would do it. The team just announced that they have released star receiver DeSean Jackson, and it seems it doesn’t have much to do with football itself. Last season was Jackson’s best year as a pro with 82 catches for 1,332 yards and 9 touchdowns. Not too mention he is a perfect fit for the style of offense that the Eagles play. So it would seem crazy that the team let him go for football reasons. Instead it seems they are very concerned with his gang affiliation and the people he hangs out with. Hit the jump.

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NFL: Finally! Mark Sanchez & The Eagles Make It Official With 1 year Contract


Finally after a week worth of rumors and speculation Mark Sanchez is officially a member of the Philadelphia Eagles. Yesterday Sanchez passed the medical test the Eagles had for him and his shoulder and they felt confident about offering him the deal. The contract is for 1 year/$2.25 million dollars, but could wind up being almost $4 million if he plays in 90% of the teams offensive snaps. This all comes about a week after Mike Vick left Philly for the Jets, which left the Eagles in need of a solid backup. People will always have jokes on Sanchez, but he is probably the best backup quarterback in the league at this point and I still won’t be surprised if he winds up as a starter again in his career.

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NFL: Mark Sanchez Passes Physical & Will Sign With Eagles

New York Jets vs. Atlanta Falcons

Welp, that was quick.  Mark Sanchez has found a new home — with the Philadelphia Eagles!  Ironic huh?
We heard the rumors for a while now & it’s become official since he passed his physical.  Hit the jump for details….

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(PHOTOS) NFL: Eagles Player Threatened With Gun on Twitter; Guess What Happens To That Guy?!

IFWT_Benny 1

Whhhhhyyy? Why are people sooooo stupid?!  Eagles player Benny Logan took to Twitter yesterday to share his excitement about a new line of hats.  Some angry fan decided to take that opportunity to go at Benny and of course then Benny responded —- and then that lead to the “fan” posting a pic of gun with a threatening message.  Benny called the Eagles AND the police to make them aware of the situation and guess what happened from there?  The police and the Eagles called the fan’s job and he was fired.  YOU IDIOT.  Check out how it all went down…

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(PHOTO) NFL: DeSean Jackson Flicks It Up With Freeway & Neef


DeSean is making his rap rounds.  The other day DeSean was spotted throwing up gang signs with Nipsey Hussle in LA & now he made his way back to Philly and was spotted with Freeway & Neef — possibly throwing up more gang signs — something I know nothing about.  As long as it’s all love, I could care less.  Check it out…

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(PHOTO) NFL: DeSean Jackson Throws Up Gang Signs With Nipsey Hussle


I feel like I’m on repeat, but for those new to IFWT … I know very little about gangs (always open to learning though).  So when it comes to information on these kinds of pictures, I’m trusting in other sites for their knowledge.  We’ve had a couple posts in the past about DeSean Jackson throwing up gang signs (see HERE) — and apparently he’s at it again — this time in LA with rapper Nipsey Hussle.  Check it out…

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