(Photo) Guy Passes Out When He Finds Out That He May Contracted HIV From The Women He Raped!

I’m almost speechless with this one! I can’t say that I feel bad, but then again…A man collapsed after finding out that after raping a woman, he may have contracted HIV from her. Hit the jump for more information!

(Video) LMAO! Too Short Said He Ran From The Cops, Because He Was Trying To “Get Home!”

This dude is funny! Too Short, you are not fooling anyone. After getting arrested and trying to make an escape from the police, Too Short went down briefly. This cat was NOT triyng to be taken in, he was trying to “get home,” he tells TMZ. Once placed in the squad car, Too Short allegedly dropped drugs in the backseat. There was some confusion as to what exactly the drug was (ecstasy), but Too Short is now trying to subliminally inform us that it was his, but it wasn’t. He don’t know nothing now! “From what I understand, they took me in jail – handcuffed – and later on they came in and said, ‘we got narcotics.’” Don’t act like that wasn’t your product in the backseat! Funny stuff. Drop down bottom and check it out.

Ecstasy Used To Treat Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

It has been claimed that patients with PTSD that were given MDMA (pure form of ecstasy) no longer were diagnosed it with it 2 months after being given MDMA.  According to the study a large percent of the therapy sessions with MDMA have been successful. Could this lead for MDMA to be legalized or to become a regularly used form of treatment? Steph B

Jenny McCarthy Details Ecstasy Amped Lesbian Fling In Her New Book!

Guard your innocent eyes!! Jenny McCarthy experimented with women! And she did drugs too! *GASP* All of this and more is detailed and exposed in her new book — Bad Habits: Confessions of a Recovering Catholic!! Read more after the jump Quay

Ecstasy Tied To Teen Depression!

Make sure your kids stay away from that white girl Molly! Not only does it put holes in the brain, but according to a new study Ecstasy could lead to a long-lasting depression. Read more about the study below! Wendy L.

Former Rikers Island Prison Guard Admits To Having Sex With Inmates And Selling Them Drugs

Of all the crazy stories we’ve heard about Rikers, this is quite a memorable one. A former city Corrections officer made her job sound like a party after she admitted Thursday to having sex with an inmate and selling Ecstasy, cigarettes and booze while she worked on the Island. More details below… Wendy L.

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