(Photo) Oh Shoot!! Meet Instagram 6.0!!!

Today IG released it’s latest version with some really nice NEW editing tools!!

2013 Oscars: “Argo” Wins Best Film Editing!!!

Congrats to “Argo” for winning Best Film Editing!!!

Tech Talk App: The New Final Cut Pro X May Not Be For You!!!

There has been a backlash of comments on the web of how people really don’t like the new version of the Pro video editing software from Apple. Apparently it’s not up to spec with previous versions, and Professional editors are slightly upset! In true Conan O’Brien fashion, he has a video to ‘Big Up’ Apple’s Faults…..Hit the Jump!!! Tat WZA

Tech Talk Editing: Final Cut X Available Soon!!!!

If your into editing, and take is serious like I do(I Can’t deal with iMovie) , then you’ll be happy to hear the new Final Cut X will be available in the Mac Store(download only as long as you have the proper Mac OS X that let’s you have the Mac Store) at a nice $299 price!! It looks so Crazy, I can’t Wait to get my Hands(digital Hands) on it!!!!!! Tat WZA

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