Private Email Accounts Belonging To The CIA Director & DHS Secretary Have Been Hacked

Central Intelligence Agency director John Brennan and the Department of Homeland Security secretary Jeh Johnson have been hacked by a high-schooler. After news of the men’s email breach touched the Internet, it remained hush for a while, leaving folks to wonder if it actually took place. However, CBS News reports that law enforcement officials confirmed the story. The hacker(s), under the Twitter handles @_CWA_ – now deactivated – and @phphax says that his reasoning for the hack was not for personal gain, but “because innocent people in Palestine are being killed daily.” Find out more down bottom.

Is This What Everyone Was Looking For? Hillary Clinton Says, “I’m Sorry” About Emails

From day number one, I have said that the shame imposed on Hillary Clinton for using a personal email to communicate within her governmental position was a FLUKE. When it became clear that her presidential announcement was coming, someone needed to find a reason to shame the lady in the race, which is why they’ve taken the ‘50,000 pages of personal email‘ story and ran with it. Earlier this year, Clinton said that she didn’t break any laws or rules with using the personal email server, which is why she had chosen to hand over all documents. “There was no law. There was no regulation. There was nothing that did not give me the full authority to decide how I was going to communicate.” However, Clinton is tired of talking about emails at this point. She issues a sincere apology with effort of moving on. Find out more down bottom.

(Video) Emails Reveal Identity of ‘Jihadi John’ from ISIS Beheading Videos

A British advocacy group named Cage has released communications with a London man named Mohammed Emwazi as Emails Reveal Identity of ‘Jihadi John’ from ISIS Beheading Videos.

Matthew Knowles Working On A Destiny’s Child Biopic; Could Kanye West Be Starring In An Upcoming Film?!

In case you haven’t heard, a group who calls themselves ‘Guardians of Peace’ have hacked into Sony Picture’s email database. Via the emails, not only has the group revealed some damning evidence of popular name basing, racial as well as gender bias, but we’ve also seen budget hacks and now, there are a few possible movies on the way that star some of the big names in music; names like Destiny’s Child and Kanye West. More after the jump.

(Photos) Kevin Hart Responds Back To Sony Calling Him A “Whore”

Sony Pictures recently called Kevin Hart a “whore” in leaked emails. Kevin Hart responded back to the Sony email hack. Find out what he said after the jump!

(Video) So, This Is Why Rob Kardashian Didn’t Show Up To KimYe’s Wedding!!!

During Kim and Kanye’s wedding, there was a list of people that did not show up, but should have. One of those absentees happened to have been Kim’s brother, Rob. During an appearance of Watch What Happens Live, Kim informed Andy Cohen as to what happened between the two that would make him completely miss out on such an important day. Find out why down bottom.

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