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With Production by The Renegades, Emilio Rojas keeps that bounce alongside Killa Kyleon & Doughbeezy.

Snooki’s Ex-Boyfriend Speaks On Leaked Naked Pics

Snooki’s ex Emilio has always been a real d-bag…and he’s taking the latest Snooki fiasco to try and get in another 2 minutes of fame. After her nude pics were leaked to the web over the weekend, Emilio spoke with TMZ about his involvement or lack-thereof in the scandal. Marisa Mendez

Snooki’s Ex Calls Into Philly Radio Station; Says She Got Pregnant Just For TV

Ugh, this kid is just such a d*uche!!!! I doubt Snooks got pregnant for TV, but I DO believe her ex is only commenting for attention! Emilio called in to Chio, Shila & Tingle In The Morning on Wired 96.5 in Philadelphia today on a passionate rant about his ex boo. He strongly believes she only got pregnant got engaged just for a spin-off, and her baby’s dad is solely out for her money. Listen to him go in below. Do you think he’s right? Shout to Beth for the audio! Marisa Mendez

Snooki’s Ex-Boyfriend May Have To Meet Her In Court Over Miscarriage Comment

Why do news outlets even speak to this d*uchebag? He’s irrelevant and continues to look for 15 seconds of fame where ever he can. Early today, the former boyfriend of Snooki was reached out to for comment on the rumors that Snook is both with-child and engaged. His comment? “I hope for her sake … not to be rude or anything … but I hope she has a miscarriage.” Deplorable. Of course, he then took it back and said what he meant was he hopes it’s not true. Well, he’s already stuck his foot in his mouth, because there already had been a legal matter on Snooki comments on the horizon. Details below. Marisa Mendez

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