Engineer For Young Thug Talks Song Leaks Within Rich Gang

Yeah, as the listeners, we love when songs hit the streets before they are scheduled for release, however, for the artists; it is not such a good thing. For all other parties involved, it definitely isn’t good … money wise and talent. This is the reasoning why Young Thug’s engineer, Alex Turnay is speaking up. With the questionable track from Rich Homie Quan leaking out this week and 70+ songs – some unfinished – between he and Thugger being dropped, Turnay decided to spill his guts out about leaks within Rich Gang; something that happens often. Drop down bottom for Turnay’s Reddit read.

UPDATE: Engineer Fell ASLEEP During Metro-North Train Derailment?!

A major update has come in about the fatal derailment of the Metro-North train in the Bronx Sunday morning, shedding some light as to the moments of events that led up to the tragic accident. 11-year engineer William Rockefeller apparently admitted he was falling asleep as the train hit the curve, and woke up to hit the breaks only 6 seconds before the crash. Four people were killed, and more than 60 others were injured. Sources say these statements came moments after the crash when he was speaking to police. He has been fully cooperative and feels “thoroughly traumatized,” and investigators have ruled out alcohol, drugs and cell phone usage in the incident. Such a tragic accident!

Tech Talk Rumors: Facebook Looking to Build They Own Phones With Former Apple Engineers!!!

So it looks like Facebook is back in the business of making phones, with Google now in the hardware business with the acquisition of Motorola.  Rumors are swirling that Facebook is looking to recruit some former Apple engineers to build their phones. Not sure how Apple is going to feel about this. Yungjohnnybravo x TatWZA

Tech Talk New: Steve Jobs told Google to stop poaching workers

Apple’s Steve Jobs directly asked former Google Chief Executive Eric Schmidt to stop trying to recruit an Apple engineer, a transgression that threatened one junior Google employee’s job, according to a court filing. @Yungjohnnbravo @TatWZA

Auto Talk: Bentley Picks Porsche Executive To Head Engineering

Bentley Motors has named Porsche executive Rolf Frech as the brand’s new board member for engineering. Hit the jump to read the rest of the story. Funk Flex Find Flex On Google+

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