(Video) Republican Karl Rove Says Charleston Shooting Act ‘Racist, Bigoted & Evil; Repeal 2nd Amendment

Republican Strategist and Former President George W. Bush’s Senior Advisor Karl Rove said the Charleston shooting in South Carolina was a ‘racist, bigoted & evil… act.’ He suggests repealing 2nd Amendment.

(Video) Willow Smith Shows Off Her Singing Skills With Some Personal Lyrics?

Looks like Willow Smith is stretching her vocal cords with a classic acoustic/piano melody, and she def can sing!! The thing is her lyrics,

NFL: Colin Kaepernick’s New “Controversial” Tattoo Took How Long To Complete & May of Cost How Much?!

Yesterday we shared a picture with you of Colin Kaepernick’s new tattoo (see here if you missed it).  There was controversy surrounding the tattoo because Kap recently signed a $126 million contract … and his new ink stands for “money is the root of all evil”  — and fans had a lot to say about that. Anyways, now we’re learning a little more of the “behind the scenes” info.  Check out how long it took to complete that new tat & some other interesting facts…

(PHOTOS) NFL: Colin Kaepernick Gets Interesting $126 Million Post-Extension Tattoo

Ironic for a man that that just signed a $126 million contract?!  49ers QB Colin Kaepernick took to Instagram to show off some new ink he got and he shared the meaning behind it.  Check it out…

(Photos) ‘Craigslist Killers’ Are The New Face Of Evil After Claiming To Kill Dozens

A young couple from Pennsylvania, Miranda and Elytte Barbour, used Craigslist across the country to meet and kill people, and all because they were in a satanic cult.

(Must See Video) LMFAO…Hitler Responds To Kendrick’s Verse!!

This IS the BEEEEEST parody reaction thus far!! I’ve seen this movie which was used and let me tell you, it was a decent movie, BUT what they’ve done here makes it a 100 times better!! Hitler said some real ish in the subtitles, hit he jump and you see what I’m saying!

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