(Photos) NBA: Paul George’s Ex-Girlfriend Clowns Him For Knocking Up a Stripper


When news broke that Paul George allegedly got a stripper pregnant, everyone was shocked, some upset, some disgusted and some throughly amused.  Well George’s ex-girlfriend Jennyfer was all those things put together.

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Mary J. Blige’s Father In Critical Condition After Getting Stabbed In The Neck By Ex-Girlfriend


Mary J Blige’s father, Thomas Blige, is currently being treated in Bronson Methodist Hospital in Kalamazoo, Michigan after his ex-girlfriend stabbed him in the neck. The former lover of the 63-year-old has been arrested for assault with the intent to murder after leaving Blige in critical condition. The police were called to an apartment complex at 6:58 AM when they discovered the R&B songstress’ father with three stab wounds from his ex. Apparently the dispute started when Blige saw his 50-year-old ex girlfriend deflating the tires on his Ford SUV (CRAZY B*TCH ALERT). However, this is not the first domestic violence run-in with the law these two have had. The authorities confirmed there has been a total of seven calls regarding domestic disputes amongst the two on-again, off-again lovers. What a mess!

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(Photos) Meek Mill’s Son’s Mother Lets The Haters & H*es Know What’s Up!

Fahdy and her son with Meek, "Papi"

Meek Mill’s ex-girlfriend/son’s mother is usually pretty positive on her Instagram account, sharing images of her adorable sons (one with Meek, one from a previous relationship) and excursions with her girlfriends and family. However, every once in a blue, she has to set people straight (like the time she opened up about her split from Meek,) and last night, she had a word for the girls that always have an opinion about her and try to offer up advice, as if she’d asked them! Check out what she had to say in the gallery.

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SMH: 5 Guns Found In The House Of George Zimmerman’s Ex-Girlfriend

George Zimmerman

Last week, Trayvon Martin’s killer George Zimmerman was arrested for threatening his now ex-girlfriend Samantha Sheibe with a shotgun. He was later released on a $9000 bond, but new court documents show that a thorough search of Samantha’s house turned up FIVE guns, including an AR-15, three handguns, a 12-gauge shotgun, a rifle and 106 rounds of ammunition.

As part of Zimmerman’s bail, he’s not allowed to possess any weapons. Though he’ll likely deny ownership of the guns, he was still living with Samantha, so this will likely be a problem. He is expected back in court on Jan. 7, and his current whereabouts are unknown. They really need to lock this man up and throw away the key!

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Big Sean’s Ex Slams Him For “Sorry” Track With New Girlfriend Naya Rivera

Big Sean & his ex Brytni on Valentine's Day

Big Sean’s new girlfriend Naya Rivera just dropped her debut single “Sorry,” and it features a verse from Sean himself. That would be just plain cute, but the issue is, Naya is taking swipes at all of Sean’s exes, and Sean being on the song only seems to co-sign it.

“Amber, Brytni, Tiffany…Sorry he belongs to me!” the GLEE actress sings on the song. “Heather, Ashley, Stephanie. It just wasn’t meant to be, sorry!”

I think it was a pretty low-blow to do this, especially for Ashely, his longtime high school sweetheart. Though it’s not Ashley that’s speaking out, it’s a more recent ex, Brytni. I’m not sure how long they dated or even when, but I do know the above photo was posted on Instagram for Valentine’s Day, so that had to be either 2012 or this year (since IG wasn’t around for V-Day in 2011!)

Check out Bryt’s response to the song in the gallery.

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Fake Craigslist Casual Encounters Ad’s Land Man In Prison


Kenneth Kuban a 61 year old employee at the library of congress is facing up to 5 years in prison on stalking charges after setting up multiple fake craigslist ad’s soliciting sex to his ex-girlfriends house. His 64 year old ex-girlfriend has been starring at her window turning countless men away who were expecting sexual intercourse after ads featuring her photo’s claiming she was looking for hung men and a good time.

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(Video) Ex Boyfriend Throws Bomb In Ex Girlfriend’s Car

Nail bomb

Scorned is not even the only word that can be used for this ex boyfriend. In another country he rolled up next to his ex girlfriend’s car and tossed a nail bomb into her car! Hit the jump

Steph B

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Good For Her! Guess What MAJOR Move Karrueche Is About To Make!

ifwt_karrueche cover shoot

Move over, Chris Brown! Karrueche is making moves on her own now! The model revealed via Instagram last night (with the above photo) that she just recently shot for her very first magazine cover! That’s huge. Necole Bitchie says the shoot was styled by Olori Swank (who’s worked with Keyshia Cole, Trey Songz and more), though there’s no word just yet on what mag it’s for. Either way, that’s a big accomplishment and it’s good to see she’s keeping busy after the breakup!

Marisa Mendez

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(Photos) Chris Brown & Karrueche Were Together In Paris! And He Repped Her On Instagram!

Chris wears Karrueche's THE KILL hat in Paris

I was paying close attention to Chris Brown’s happenings this weekend, as supposedly both his ex-girlfriend Karrueche and current whatever-she-is-to-him Rihanna were both to be in Paris the same time he was. Turns out, it got even messier than we (as bloggers who love gossip, LOL) could have hoped for! Here’s the deal: Kae, despite allegedly being broken up with Chris, still works with him as part of his styling team. Perhaps because Paris is such a mecca of fashion, perhaps because he missed her, perhaps because of some other reason I can’t think of, Kae and the styling team were sent out to Paris this weekend for Chris, while he was in town for multiple stops of his Carpe Diem tour. Simultaneously, Rihanna’s Diamonds tour was rolling through the city. Rih must have gotten word she had something to worry about, so she took to her IG to post what turned out to be an OLD photo of her and Chris in bed, likely from their rendezvous on Thanksgiving. Neither Kae nor Breezy paid it much mind, though, as they went on to have quite the time in Paris! Through a series of tweets, photos in the same room (though never together in the same pic) and some fan shots, it was discovered they spent the entire weekend together! And some tea may even have been

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WNBA: Chamique Holdsclaw Fires Gun During Argument With Ex-Girlfriend!

IFWT Holdsclaw Lacy

Damn, this is a crazy story.  WNBA legend Chamique Holdsclaw – one of the greatest female basketball players of all time — is a wanted woman in Georgia after allegedly FIRING A GUN during an explosive altercation with her ex-girlfriend.


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