(Photos) Awkward! Swizz Beatz And Alicia Keys Making Out In Front Of Ex?!

Swizz Beatz, his wife Alicia Keys and Swizz ex wife Mashonda seem to be getting along these days. They were recently spotted in St.Barts on a family trip with sons Egypt and Kasseem. Awwwww how cute? One big ol’ happy family! I give them major props for being able to co parent and be in a comfortable place with each other, so comfortable that Beatz and Keys even had a make out session in front of Mashonda. Don’t believe me? Just check out the pics in the Gallery!

Marvin Gaye’s Ex-Wife Anna Gordy Gaye Dead At 92

Anna Gordy Gaye, 92 was found deseased in her LA home around 3am this morning. The ex-wife to Marvin Gaye and sister of Berry Gordy, Anna had a hand in things like co-composing, “What’s Going On.” Our condolences goes out to the family.

NBA: Allen Iverson Is About To Get A LOT of Money!!! …And His Ex Wants Half!!

It’s finally almost here!!! We’ve all heard the stories about Allen Iverson being broke (you remember the cheeseburger story right?), but he knew he had money coming his way and that time is just around the corner.  AI is about to fall into a huge sum of money from Reebok & his ex-wife wants to make sure she gets a cut. Report after the jump…

NBA: Michael Jordan’s Ex-Wife Gives First Sit-Down Interview Since Divorce

Back in April Michael Jordan married his longtime girlfriend Yvette Prieto.  Well his ex-wife Juanita is now speaking about it — and keep in mind you never heard anything from her when they divorced seven years ago.   I’ve seen mixed reactions on this.  Apparently he did NOT tell her that he was getting remarried.  Should he have?  There’s a lot of things that go into that decision including the fact that they have 3 kids together.  I personally don’t think he had to, but out of respect for the family he should have.  Check out what she’s up to, her current status with MJ & other things Juanita said in her first sit-down interview since the  break-up.

SHUT DOWN! Brooke Mueller’s Restraining Order Request Against Charlie Sheen Gets Rejected By Judge!

Apparently Charlie Sheen can get away with anything! A judge has denied to issue a restraining order against Charlie Sheen for allegedly threatening her life last week. Ex-wife Mueller claims Sheen said, “[T]here will be a reckoning. There will be a whirlwind. That they will all reap while desperate begging for my forgiveness. You’ve all been warned.” Well, the judge isn’t buying her case, and he flat out denied her request for a restraining order. She has to wait another month to make her case in person. SMH, poor ex-wife… don’t fight the Sheen! See their happier moments in the gallery below!

Judge Tells Man Even Though He’s Alive He Is Still Legally Dead???

An Ohio native who “disappeared” in 1994, was assumed dead because of his long department, yet when he resurfaced a couple of years ago trying to gain a driver’s license, the presumed corpse got a nice little surprise and is learning the hard way that it is not that easy to resurrect yourself from the dead, hit the jump for more detail!

NBA: SMH, What Is Dwyane Wade’s Ex-Wife Saying Now??

It has become very hard to feel bad for Dwyane Wade’s ex wife Siovaughn Funches-Wade. When they first were going through divorce proceedings I felt bad for her. You could understand the pain a woman might be feeling after being with a man for years before he was a star, only to watch him walk away with a Hollywood actress. But after years of trashing Dwyane, psychological breakdowns and drama it has become harder to feel bad. Maybe Siovaughn was never a victim to begin with. Could be possible her own actions led to Dwyane leaving her. Recently we thought this was all settled after a judge ruled on a final hearing between the two. Now she is back at it. Hit the jump for more.

NBA: Allen Iverson Is Down Bad After Making $140 Million While Playing

I am definitely well aware that sometimes the media exaggerates when a celebrity who made alot of money is no longer making that money. I am hoping that is really the case here. There have been well known stories about Allen Iverson struggling financially. Having his houses foreclosed, owing child support, creditors coming after him. To his credit however, he isn’t walking around fronting like everything is all good. He is flat out saying he don’t got it. He had to go to court this week to block a judgement his ex-wife wanted to have put into effect. She wanted $1.2 million, but AI says he doesn’t have it. Hit the jump for more.

NBA: Wait, Huh?! Steve Nash Wins In Court, But Ex-Wife & Kids Move To LA

Did Steve Nash have a change of heart?!  This is bizarre.  Was it all just a power trip?!  Remember when Steve Nash scored a huge legal victory over his ex-wife by blocking her from moving to LA with their kids?  Well he’s now allowing them to make the move. Details after the jump…

SMH: Man Killed In The Bronx For Trying To Break Up WHAT???

Early Saturday Morning, police was called to the hunts point section of the Bronx for what seemed to be a dispute at first but ended in a murder situation. Police say 28 year old Ronis Garcia was at a party at his friends house in the Bronx when a woman believed to be Garcia’s ex-wife started brawling with another woman at the party. The two women really began to go at it and when Mr. Garcia stepped in to stop the women from fighting he ended up being stabbed by one of the women in the chest. Check out more on this story after the jump.

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