Boxing: Floyd Mayweather Is Pissed! Tells Pacquiao No Rematch, He Won’t Buy Into BullSh*t!

Floyd Mayweather is pissed!! Just a few days after telling the word via a text message to Stephen A Smith that he would give Manny Pacquiao a rematch after his shoulder heals from surgery, he is now calling it off and changing his mind.

(Video) Old Man Ebro’s Woman Needs Affirmation – “Shut Up & Look Pretty” May Not Be The Answer

After an “on and off” 7 year relationship, Old Man Ebro’s lady is looking for affirmation. As a busy man, he’s unable to set aside the time to show her the affection that she needs, and now, she’s wondering if she needs to give him some space and he wants to say f**k it. After being a “dragon slayer” it’s no surprise why she’s wondering. Drop down bottom and check out his EXCUSES.

Update: What’s Going On With Trayvon Martin’s Killer’s Trial ???

February 26th will mark the one year anniversary, since neighborhood watchman Geroge Zimmerman shot and killed 17-year-old Trayvon Martin. Zimmerman has made many attempts to stop the trial, escape the trial and slow it down. The official date for proceedings to begin is scheduled for June 10th, however the defense team is trying to have that pushed back even further. It’s said that they are making an attempt to slow the process down, because they have run out of money. Assistant State Attorney Bernie de la Rionda argues that lawyers for George Zimmerman have spent too much time on news media interviews and Internet postings instead of reviewing evidence and preparing their case. After the defense talked to media the other day (about lack of cash flow), the website had raised $5,200 in less than 24 hours. Mark O’Mara, Zimmerman’s lawyer, is stating that the prosecution are the one’s who’s holding up the case by withholding evidence. According to O’Mara, the state had sent Trayvon Martin’s cellphone to California for analysis and they have yet to hear any new information on that, ie the agency running the tests and the type of tests being run. EXCUSES MUCH ??? I say they get this show on the road. The facts needs to be laid out for Martin’s family to get complete closure. they should be celebrating his birthday with his joyful memories, not another date to put off. As more information comes in, we’ll let you know. Drop down bottom…

NBA: Excuses?! Deron Williams Says This Is What’s Contributing To His Struggles

Many fans used to think Deron Williams was one of the best PG’s in the league…not so much anymore.  Some are even calling him D-Wont instead of D-Will. Smh.  So what happened?!  Deron seems to know the reason for his lackluster play.  Check out what he had to say & let us know if it’s a legit reason or just an excuse. GameTimeGirl

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