NBA: Ty Lawson Says His Computer Was Hacked & Now He’s Being Extorted

Sacramento Kings guard Ty Lawson says his computer was hacked and the cyber thieves are now trying to extort him.

(Video) Jhonni Blaze Explained Why She Leaked Her Own Porn Pictures!

In an recent interview with VladTV, Jhonni Blaze explained her reason for leaking her own porn pictures and it was because she was being extorted. See the pictures here! Read more after the jump…

Sports: Jameis Winston Rape Accuser Wanted How Much To Stay Silent??

FSU quarterback Jameis Winston was cleared of charges of rape late last year after a district attorney did an investigation and decided there wasn’t enough evidence to proceed.  Well now we’re learning that the woman who accused Winston of rape … demanded $7 MILLION to buy her silence.  SMH.  Hit the jump for details…

Sports: Chris Brown Suing Basketball Player For Extortion

The drama doesn’t stop for CB.  Chris Brown is claiming a guy on a basketball court tried extort him … threatening to tell cops Brown started a fight unless he coughed up a ton of money.  Hit the jump for details…

(Mug Shot) NBA: V. Stiviano Investigated For Extorting Donald Sterling; She Has A Rap Sheet With 5 Aliases!

It was only a matter of time before some real dirt was dug up on V. Stiviano.   This is the woman who is on the recordings with Donald Sterling’s racist comments.  She is currently under investigation for extortion & is no stranger to the criminal justice system.  She’s been arrested for at least 4 crimes & has used 5 aliases.  Check it out…

(Photos) Just Blaze Weighs In On ‘$20 Million Jay Z Extortion Plot’!

The renown producer and Roc affiliate, Just Blaze has weighed in on the arrest and allegations brought up against engineer Chauncy Mahan, who allegedly planned a 10 year plot to extort records stolen from the Roc-afella vault! Just Blaze is not surprised at the ex-engineer’s practice, and the situation has rekindled a few Roc memories, click below for the posts.

Uh-Oh! Is Jay Z Involved In A $20million Extortion Plot?!?

Kris Jenner Hit With Sex Tape Extortion Plot

Kris Jenner involved in a sex tape: At one point it was the truth, but on another hand, it’s false, now according to a stalker it’s 100% real, and if Kris doesn’t pay him big bucks, he’s going to reveal each and every moan. Check out the deets down bottom.

(Photos) Chris Brown: “I’m Being Extorted By A Sore Basketball Loser.”

Earlier this week, we reported that Chris Brown was being sued after gang beating a man, over a foul in a pick up basketball game. The pop singer has now responded to these allegations, stating that he is being extorted by a sore loser. To read more, click below.

James “Whitey” Bulger Jury Has Come Back From A 5-Day+ Deliberation, And He Was Found…!

James “Whitey” Bulger is a well known crime boss from Boston, Mass. At the age of 83, Bulger is on trial for 32-counts of racketeering, 19 killings, extortion, money laundering and weapons violations. Bulger fled Boston in 1994 on the eve of an indictment and became one of the U.S.’s most-wanted fugitives until he was caught in Santa Monica, Calif., in 2011. You had a long haul, but looks like things may not be looking up. After going into deliberation on Tuesday, they jury is back after being out for 45min. today. Hit the jump for more details.

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