(Video) Insane: Extreme Close-Up Of A Tornado In Colorado!

This was all over the news…and these people are out of their minds for getting this close to a tornado like this, they were almost in it!

LOL!! Why Did This Man Put A Cage Around His Head?!?

Ibrahim Yucel, 42 year old man from Turkey, dons a wire helmet that makes it impossible for him to smoke a cigarette. Crazy right. Hit the jump for more details.

(Photos) LMAO! Some Of The Craziest Looking Easter Bonnets Out There – REVEALED!

This is some over the top type madness! These folks are the reason you sit on the first pew on Easter Sunday – blocking the whole choir. Bonnets to the Extreme. Colors, eggs, bunnies, chocolates, and flowers EVERYWHERE! Drop down bottom and check out the designs. If you have any extreme bonnets, send them to us.

RedBull Jumper Sets 568-Revolution Record [Video]

Horacio Llorens holds a record that would give you a head ache just watching. Born in Spain, Horacio has been competing in Spanish and World-Wide Acro Championships. His record is an infinity tumble which he originally set at 210, and later broke pushing the prior up to 281-revolutions, in December of 2009. Now 3 years later, Horacio has his focus set on nearly doubling that number. Video after jump… Tat Wza

Tech Talk Gadgets: Extreme USB Drive [Video]

Otterbox, a heavy-duty case company, use to release videos of phone damage showing how protective their cases were. Another company took notes, and took just that angle. LaCie, a company who specializes in novelty hard drives, make key shaped product making them discrete. They also make an Extreme USB drive. Hit the jump for a video of just how Extreme it is… Tat Wza

(Photo)Extreme Heat Caused Plane To Melt Into Ground!

Everyone has been feeling the wrath of the sun as the heat wave has sent temperatures all over the U.S. into the hundreds.  But, how hot was it that a plane sunk into a runway?? Wow, well a plane in Washington D.C. was pictured as it was sinking because of the extreme heat! Hit the jump for the pics. Steph Bassanini

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