Travis Scott Speaks On Falling During Drake’s Concert

In February, there was a video going around of Travis Scott falling on stage while at Drake’s “Boy Meets World” tour. There was a hole in the stage which Scott fell through. This caused Drake to make the show a free one and refund everyone of their money.

(Video) Travis Scott Fan Falls Out Of A Tree During His Performance

One Travis Scott fan was trying to be real different while at ‘Made In America’ this weekend. Unfortunately, that did not really work in his favor.

(Video) Sports: Whoops Olympic Gymnast Simone Biles Falls Down Steps at VMAs

Simone Biles and the rest of the Final Five from the United States Olympic gymnastics team (sans Gabby Douglas), were at the VMAs to present the Best Female Video category.  Not only did the girls shine on the stage, they also got hugs from the winner, Beyonce.  Unfortunately there was one small blip on Simone’s glamorous night.

(Video) Justin Beiber Slips On Stage During Water Performance

Someone call Beyonce because it looks like Justin Beiber needs a little bit of help on the water performances. While on stage, Justin Beiber slipped and fell trying to perform in water. We noticed this has been a theme Beyonce has been doing for a while. Clearly, we may have to let her stick to this.

(Video) Oop: Foxy Brown Takes A Tumble On Stage

Foxy Brown takes a huge tumble while on stage. In the video, her fans can be heard laughing as the rapper falls.

(Video) Machine Gun Kelly Speaks On Almost Dying While On Stage And Says He’s Totally Okay With It

While doing an interview with interview with DJ Skee, rapper Machine Gun Kelly got a chance to speak on almost dying at the Minnesota State Fair Soundest Festival where he was performing. Kelly climbed on a few beams during his set and his legs did not totally agree with the move. One one decided to help support him. Kelly’s toe was his savior, giving him support. The crazy part about it all is Kelly believes dying on stage would be the way to go out.

Dope: Fall Coachella Coming Soon

A Fall Coachella will be coming soon! , Glenn Miller, The Indio Mayor says the arrival of the festival is bound to happen. The Desert Sun, which is Indio city’s local paper says “significant progress has been made to bring a new Goldenvoice event to the Empire Polo Club.” Goldenvoice President, Paul Tollett, says he is very willing to add more festivals to the agenda. The City of Indio says they will keep keep the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival and Stagecoach: California’s Country Music Festival going through 2030.

Bob Barker, 91, Takes A Nasty Fall To The Face

Oh boy. Bob Barker has suffered a 1 1/2 inch gash to the head after taking a nasty fall near his Hollywood Hills home. Find out more after the jump.

(Video) Ouch! Salt-N-Pepa Perform In Brooklyn & Pepa Takes A Nasty Fall

Over the weekend Salt-n-Pepa performed in Brooklyn at a 90s festival. During their set, Pepa attempted to jump from one set of speakers to another down at the front of the stage and she missed and fell pretty hard. Ouch! Pepa was able to laugh it off and blamed being excited to be in New York (and a little wine) on her daredevil behavior. Luckily she was okay and made it out with on a few bruises. Check out the full clip below.

(Video) Nooooo, She Wasn’t Ready! Demi Lovato Falls FLAT On Her Face At A Pool Party

Looks like someone was a tad bit clumsy during this Fourth of July weekend. Singer Demi Lovato was hosting a #CoolForTheSummer pool party over the holiday weekend when she experience quite the fall. Demi was in the middle of the pool standing on a slippery ramp [IN HEELS] when she slipped intensely, falling straight on her face. In the video, all you hear is a loud THUMP, which just confirmed that it must have REALLY hurt. To play it off, Demi got up and said she was fine and proceeded to jump into the pool. Nicely played, Demi, nicely played. Check out the PAINFUL video below.

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