NYC Man Saves Woman From Falling Elevator And Dies Saying “Happy New Year”

New York’s Stephen Hewett Brown will be remembered a hero. Thursday night on New Year’s Eve, Brown valiantly sacrificed himself to save a stranger from a falling elevator car that would have crushed her, but crushed him instead. Brown’s last words were positive ones for bystanders and witnesses also, iterating “Happy New Year”. Hit the jump for the full story.

(Photo) NBC Is Concerned About Jimmy Fallon’s Drinking

Partyyyyyy Animal! Jimmy Fallon has been blessing the city that never sleeps with his drunken presence. He goes around sharing his stories of drunk times. But apparently NBC is a littleeeee concerned with Fallon and his drinking problem.

North West Is Tripping And Falling, But She Got Up!

Everyone’s favorite little girl, North West was spotted tripping and falling while leaving her dance class this week with her aunt Kourtney and her cousin Penelope.

(Photos) 7 Tourists Killed & 19 Injured By Falling Rocks In China!

7 tourists were killed and 19 injured by falling rocks in China. Check out the horrific photos in the gallery and read more on the story after the jump!

(Video) Stagehand Sues Swedish House Mafia For LED Screen Falling & Crushing Him At ULTRA

A guy working for Swedish House Mafia is suing the group for a situation that happened nearly a year ago! Stagehand Joseph Green says he was setting up the stage for SHM’s performance at the Ultra Music Festival in Miami and a massive LED screen fell from above, hurting him. Green claims the screen clearly wasn’t mounted correctly and says it messed him up something bad. He says he’s, “disfigured and has suffered really bad mental anguish.”

(Photos) LOL! Check Out These Pics Of Random New-Yorkers Taking Spills In The Snow!!

Weather got you down? Well, hopefully not as bad –or funny– as it has these unfortunate people. Hit the jump to see these cold NYC Streets make people start “Slippin’” like DMX.

(Video) LOL! A$AP Rocky And Gucci Mane Caught Slipping!

Click the jump to see a video of A$AP Rocky falling on the stage and Gucci Mane not being able to keep his eyes open lol!

(Photos) LOL! Girl, You Should Be More Kareful! Kim Kardashian Caught Tripping & Falling Into A Car

Poor Kim! We all know that Kim K ALWAYS wears high heels, but she might want to consider adjusting her foot ware like the rest of us from time to time! Just heading to the hair salon.. this chick is wearing stiletto heels! As she was walking towards her car, she steps up, trips and falls onto her car. She kept her composure, as she’s used to showing the world that she’s perfect – but I’m sure she was embarrassed. It’s alright girl, you’re human! Everyone has tripped, everyone has their own off days! We can’t help but think the pictures are a LITTLE funny though. Or maybe a little more than a little. See for yourself in the gallery! Biz Baby

Trippin’ (Literally): Man struck & killed by sanitation truck after tripping over trash bags

A young artist pursuing the dream of “blowing up” in NY took a spill yesterday on E. 84th Street. After tripping over pilled up garbage on the sidewalk Andrew Schoonover was tragically hit by a sanitation truck. He was rushed to the hospital where he was pronounced dead. FunkFlex

(Video) Caught On Tape: Man Catches Young Girl Falling From Third Story Window

Some positive news for your Tuesday afternoon! And with an accompanying visual! A seven year old girl in NYC almost fell to her death yesterday out of a third floor window, but a nearby man was able to catch her! Watch the amazing video below. Marisa Mendez

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