5,300 Wells Fargo Employees Fired For Creating Phony Accounts

Wells Fargo employees have now been fired after they created dozens of fake accounts. People were getting fees for accounts they had not even created.

Grandmaster Flash Says Graffiti Is Not A Part Of Hip-Hop – And Graffiti Pioneers Agree

Well this is certain to stir up some controversy! Just like b-boy dancing, DJing and of course the music, graffiti has always been considered an element of the hip-hop culture – but one of the pioneers of rap is saying “not so much!” In the new book The Concise Guide to Hip-Hop Music, Grandmaster Flash asks, “You know what bugs me, they put hip-hop with graffiti. How do they intertwine?” and graffiti legends FARGO and BLADE chime in to agree.

‘Fargo’ Wins Best Miniseries or Movie #Emmys

FX’s miniseries “Fargo” wins the Emmy for best miniseries or movie.

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