(Video) ‘Teen Mom’ Star, Farrah Abraham, Turning Up

The ‘Teen Mom OG’ herself, Farrah Abraham, was spotted letting her hair down in Las Vegas.

(Photo) ‘Teen Mom’s’ Farrah Abraham Changes Her Face??

Farrah Abraham, star of MTV’s ‘Teen Mom OG’, posted a selfie on Instagram and let’s just say her fans weren’t feeling her “new look”.

(Video) ‘Teen Mom’ Farrah Abraham Comments On Nicki Minaj’s Twitter Comments About Her

Farrah Abraham and Nicki Minaj got into altercation via Twitter earlier this year after Nicki Minaj made some comments about how Farrah treats and talks to her mother on TV. Although this happened a few months ago Farrah was asked in a recent interview how she felt about the altercation. Check out the video after the jump.

Hot Mess: Farrah Abraham Gets Into A Physical Altercation With ‘Teen Mom OG’ Producer

Folks, it is official – Farrah Abraham has LOST HER ENTIRE MIND! The Teen Mom star got into it with a producer of the MTV show, shoving him and calling him every curse word in the book. The real reason she lashed out like that was because she wanted to be on a therapy show with her mom, but it conflicted with her current involvement on Teen Mom OG. When the producers and camera crew tried to get into her home, she lashed out on them and refused to let anyone enter.

(Video) Snoop Dogg Gives Us His Best Farrah Abraham Impression on ‘Kocktails With Khloe’

Last night, Khloé Kardashian’s latest project, Kocktails With Khloé, made it’s television debut. Snoop Dogg showed up as one her special guests and opened up about his relationships with 2Pac and the Notorious B.I.G.,the latest cannabis project he’s working, the one time of year he stops smoking, and his cameo in Straight Outta Compton. However, the best part of the evening was when Khloe and her guests decided to play a game, acting out recent celebrity Twitter feuds. KoKo’s guests Snoop Dogg and actress Kym Whitley put on a hilarious re-enactment of Nicki Minaj and Farrah Abraham’s recent Twitter feud over parenting. In a pink wig and sailor’s hat, Kim Whitely played Nicki Minaj, while Snoop wore a long brown wig to be the ‘Teen Mom’ star. Kim nailed her part, serving all kinds of attitude and ferociousness and Snoop made Khloe and her sister Kendall crack up as he read Farrah’s lines in a high pitch voice and some kind of accent. It’s sure to make you LOL. Check it out below.

Farrah Abraham Talks About Her Feud With Nicki Minaj: “This Is A Nicki Minaj-Free Zone”

MTV’s ‘Teen Mom’ star Farrah Abraham found herself in the middle of a Twitter feud over the weekend with none other than Nicki Minaj. After, the Queen of Rap called Farrah out for her behavior on TV saying, “Farrah is a c*nt to her mother” the two went back and forth in a heated exchange. Of course all Nicki’s barbs came for Farrah’s neck, but she dismissed the comments from Nicki and fans by saying, “I slay I have no time for rerun watching ignorant minions.” Farrah is now speaking out about the incident. In an exclusive interview with TMZ she said she will no longer allow her daughter to listen to Nicki Minaj music or watch her videos. According to Farrah it’s Nicki’s fault that girls are growing up too fast. Read more below.

(Photos) Nicki Minaj And ‘Teen Mom’ Farrah Abraham Go At It On Twitter

Nicki Minaj spent part of her weekend catching up on reality TV. While checking out an episode of MTV’s ‘Teen Mom OG’ the 33 year-old rapstress sent out a tweet, criticizing ‘Teen Mom’ star Farrah Abraham for the way she treats her mother. To catch you up, Farrah first appeared on MTV‘s ’16 and Pregnant’ back in 2009, and her relationship with her mother has always been a rocky one. In any given episode you can see Farrah yelling and talking down to her mother who is constantly babysitting her daughter. Since being on ’16 and Pregnant’ Farrah has written a memoir and even appeared in an adult film, which she is currently accusing her co-star James Deen of drugging and raping her. Nicki Minaj, who is very open about how cherishes her own mother was completely offend by Farrah’s behavior and sent out a tweet saying, “Farrah is a c*nt to her mother.” This ignited a war of words between the two. Hit the jump for more.

Horrible: Farrah Abraham Says She Was Raped By WHICH Celebrity?!

Former Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham has been the queen of controversy throughout the past few years. Unfortunately, she has also went through a lot of traumatic stories that keep coming to the light. In a recent interview with The Daily Mail, Abraham revealed that she was raped numerous times throughout her past relationship.

(Fellas Check The Pics) WOAH.. Farrah Abraham Squirts All Over The Place!

To celebrate her birthday, MTV’s own Teen Mom star hit up Las Vegas and flaunted her bikini body as she squirted all over the place. Squirted her water gun, that is. Check the pics over in the gallery!

From Reality TV To Porno: Farrah Abraham Has Now Decided To Become A Plastic Surgeon!

Teen Mom’s own Farrah Abraham has dipped and dabbled into a large range of different jobs. First, she got her big break from MTV after appearing on Teen Mom. She then decided to get into the porn world and released her own XXX video called “Backdoor Teen Mom.” Now, she’s in the process of becoming a plastic surgeon. In a recent sit-down interview with Brian Particelli from Toofab, Farrah reveals she has been shadowing Dr. Sergio Gomez, who she had been dating for 5 months, with hopes to open up her own practice soon. She also spoke out on the new season of Teen Mom OG that’s airing on April 20th on MTV. She revealed it’s been difficult having the cameras back in her and her daughter Sophia’s life, along with the fact her cast members were less than pleased after finding out the producers brought her back onto the show. “She does have her troubles with some of the male camera operators,” Farrah tells toofab about her daughter Sophia. “I think that’s justified, because we’re normally not just having an all-male crew and we’re normally not having cameras as much in the way when we’re getting dressed. Keep in mind, we’re women. We not so open usually and usually have more privacy. This was definitely like, ‘MTV, what are you doing?’ And Sophia voices some of that [on the show].” Farrah also touches on her costars not getting along with her. “Nothing hurts me. I think I’ve gone through worse s**t,” she…

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